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 b***** Banks - zippy
So I work at a bank. I have to have a current account with them, in to which my salary gets paid.

This was the same at my previous bank employers and I kept one of the accounts open as a back up account and as a "savings" account for birthday and Christmas presents for Mrs Z.

Today I went down town to buy a few bits and bobs for Xmas and noticed that the bank card had expired at the end of November.

A bit worried I headed home and called the bank up. They sent a new card out in the 3rd week of November. Where to, my old address.

Now seeing as I have been in my current house since 2018 and get statements addressed here, that seems to be an almighty cock up with no rational explanation. I suspect an old address file was used.

Luckily the card hasn't been used.
 b***** Banks - R.P.
Lloyds did this to me. I was quite cross with them. Crap security. I'd be happy to ditch my cards and rely on my phone these days.
 b***** Banks - Zero
I hate banks, come the revolution they will be the first up the steps of the public gallows..
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