House Rules has some House Rules which aim to keep the tone respectful and courteous for everyone who contributes. They should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions of this site.

These rules are the starting point for moderating decisions, although mods have a degree of discretion in interpreting and applying these rules. No post is pre-moderated, and not every post will be moderated.

The following posts or content are not allowed:

  1. Personal insults
  2. Content likely to incite religious or racial intolerance
  3. Libellous content
  4. Content which may be a contempt of court
  5. Crude or sexually explicit content
  6. Copyright protected content
  7. Advertisements - (see our Naming and Shaming policy)
    There is a difference between advertising and sharing a positive experience!
  8. Profanity
  9. Impersonating content
  10. Harassing content

Such content represents a "minimum standard" of discussion. However, posts or content which is thought by the mods to detract from the respectful and courteous tone may also be a breach of house rules.

Violations of house rules may result in:

  • Posts or other content being “snipped” (partially edited).
  • Posts or other content being hidden or removed.
  • Members being suspended or banned.

We want members of the community to be involved in promoting a respectful and courteous tone.

Things you can do:

  • Rate-up particularly useful or helpful posts.
  • Flag posts as offensive. If you flag a post as offensive there is the option to leave a message for the moderators. If enough members flag a post as offensive it will first be partially hidden (users can click to see the post, but it will not be displayed automatically) and later completely hidden.
  • Click the "Report message" button. This allows you to leave a message for the moderators without flagging a post as offensive
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