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 Inspire me!! - Bobby
Helping a friend with their garden.
Long story short she is wanting to have decorative stones around the outside of her decking. However this area is a bit off a mess. There are varying lengths of between 1 and 2 feet between the edge of her decking and the garden fence.
I am thinking of doing a sort of “hammock” of stones between the edge of the decking and the fence using some lengths of timber to hold the hammock in place.

But, can you inspire me what to use as the hammock? She has a large roll of the weed membrane stuff that I am thinking might do the job. Although this lets water through I don’t think it does it very quickly so the weight of stones and rain water might prove to be too much for it However I think I would be looking for something maybe a bit more stronger like a small holed net or something. Maybe even something like this

I am sure there is an obvious over the counter product that I could use but its too late in the week to be applying any thought to this.

Any suggestions?
 Inspire me!! - Terry
If by "hammock" you mean some fabric suspended between the decking and the fence I think you may be on to a loser.

Stones are heavy. Unless very firmly supported they will try to do what gravity intended - stretch the netting and touch the ground for support.

Depending on the drop from the edge of the decking to the ground, I would be inclined to consider fixing boards to the side of the decking and the fence to form a wood sided "trench". This can be filied with stones or rubble/mud topped with decorative stones.
 Inspire me!! - Fullchat
Presumable you are wanting to have the stones flush with the decking? How high is the decking?
 Inspire me!! - bathtub tom
Decking = rats nesting under. I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
 Inspire me!! - No FM2R
Make side supports, full it with dirt to the required height , cover it with stones.

But you will limit the air blowing beneath the decking, which is not a good idea.
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 Inspire me!! - Kevin
If the width varies you'd be better off using stainless steel mesh cut to shape and supported on steel posts or scaffold pole if there's a nearby building site concreted into the ground. You could even leave gaps in your pebbles and illuminate it from below.
 Inspire me!! - Bobby
This falls into one of these categories of willing to help someone but not willing to take on the responsibility.

I would not have done what she had done especially with my history of rats under decking last year!

Anyway the height from ground to decking varies from 6-18 inches I guess. We have piled rubble and “stuff” in the gap as much as possible so in some places the hammock may be supported from underneath.

Looking at the stones just sitting flush with the decking, maybe a bit below. But not looking for any real depth (or weight) of stones. Literally 2 or 3 stones deep just so that when you look you see stones.
 Inspire me!! - PeterS
Continue the decking to the fence, and lay some of this ;)
 Inspire me!! - smokie
That looks like a "beach" I set my camping chair on in Eastbourne recently. I ended up completely lop-sided, with two legs of the chair sunk into the stones.

Still, I suppose you won't be sitting on it...
 Inspire me!! - Zero
you dont need inspiration, you need your bumps felt, walk away Rene
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