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 Volkswagen Passat - 01 1.9 Rear wiper - Mark
Ok finally got the lazy rear wiper issue on the Passat

Internet search suggests its will give up shortly

Also internet suggests parts kits is available to repair

question is

fiddle and clean?

parts kit?

new motor?

Answers on a post card c/o Mark ex HJ etc

As always
 Volkswagen Passat - 01 1.9 Rear wiper - Zero
If it were mine, I would have it out, apart, cleaned, lubricated and refitted.

You have nothing to loose but a few hours.
 Volkswagen Passat - 01 1.9 Rear wiper - Soupytwist
I take it from your post that this is a common problem. Is it likely to also affect a 52 plate Octavia estate? Over the last 6 months or so the rear wiper has gone from working now and again to not working at all via a stage where if you switched it on, it would eventually wipe the rear screen, doing one sweep really slowly and then normally after that.

 Volkswagen Passat - 01 1.9 Rear wiper - Mark
From reading various VAG websites it does appear to a fairly frequent fault.

The symptoms you describe are very similar to those I am experiencing and given the number of parts shared over the VAG range you may well have the same motor under the door panel although I cannot confirm this.

I am still hoping to find a quiet hour or two to have a good look and see if I can get to the bottom of the problem and to apply the best solution.

As always

 Volkswagen Passat - 01 1.9 Rear wiper - Mark
Just to update on this

I got round to taking the rear door panel off yesterday, quite easy in itself as I had identified there were 4 screws to find (2 hidden in recesses) from browsing the web.

Once these were out I carefully removed the panel (metal clips in various places which all released easily) to reveal the motor.

Again this was straightforward, 3 nuts to undo and 1 holding it at the base of the wiper arm and it was off the door, about 8 small screws holding on a cover to the rear of the motor unit which once opened was a corroded mess.

I cleaned this up and lubricated with PTF spray, I was'nt hopefull as it seem past the point of no return.

Once re-assembled and refitted, I found I was correct it was still dead.

Today to Midland VW for a full service and they kindly tested the motor for me and confirmed it was dead so no option but to stump up for a new one.

All in £77 supplied and fitted.

From looking at the dead motor it seems there is ample initial grease lubrication when the motor leaves the factory, however the action of the mechanism quickly moves all the grease to one side of the motor housing where it has no effect at all.

As always


 Volkswagen Passat - 01 1.9 Rear wiper - Soupytwist
In the same spirit as Mark I'll update the Octavia progress. I got a second hand motor via someone on an Octavia enthusiast site. Rather than mess about with it myself I'll wait until it's next serviced (due in about 1,000 miles) to have the old one removed and the new one fitted - the bloke I bought it from told me it was working when he removed it from his car.
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