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 Nissan Micra - How is this for a bargain? - Stuu
1998 Micra 1.0 3dr in purple ( I know ). 69k dent and a scrape on rear wing ( elderly owner ). Known service history for last ten years, 7 months tax and a years MOT. £200!

Given that used values, even on old junk seems to be unrealistically firm, this seemed like a bargin. It needs some tidying up, but I dont think ill be able to turn it down, if only to turn a profit on it in the summer!
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 Nissan Micra - Hows this for a bargin? - RattleandSmoke
Why is it is so cheap? 7 months tax alone is worth £70 and even if passed the MOT it would still cost £50 get through. Who ever is selling it is given it away. I got £280 for my Corsa which needed a new head gasket, had glass all over the floor, needed an MOT and had no tax.

I could have probably easily have got £400 for it too but didn't want the hassle.
 Nissan Micra - Hows this for a bargin? - Stuu
A garage owner I know, he has been using it as a run around having done a string of Micra sales, each time taking in an older Micra than the one he just sold. I think he paid about £50 in px for this one. Its dirty and untidy, but under the dirt, its very straight and a potential gem.
 Nissan Micra - Hows this for a bargin? - Ted

Sounds good Stu. Just the thing I'm looking for at the moment to use as a family ' pool car '
I've been looking at OHV belt to worry about. A few around on EBay at the right price...about £300, but I'll have a look at Micras now...another option. Did have an OHV Escort, M reg, for this purpose, but it went thye way of all metal over a year ago.

 Nissan Micra - Hows this for a bargin? - Stuu
Well once ive got my sisters Vitara up and running ill be flogging this Micra on, its not intended to be a long term purchase, just a stopgap so I can sell on my Charade while it still has decent MOT left on it.
Only shame of the car is this scrape down the wing, otherwise it would be very good indeed, but then for the £350 or so id move it on for, its still got more good points than bad.
 Nissan Micra - Hows this for a bargin? - bathtub tom
I'm sure Bellboy will give you a good price for changing the front crossmember. ;>)
 Nissan Micra - Hows this for a bargin? - RattleandSmoke
Ted just don't buy one like my old purple one!

My dads is also starting to suffer from the tin worm problem, the back of the floor-pan is actually solid with no signs of rust (I had to remove the back seats in the weekend to repair them) but the front is getting a bit rusty.

Great engines though, I am always surprised when I drive my dads just how nice the gear change still is and the engine pulls well. Just get one that also has had its bushes and front wishbones changed lately as the MK4 Fiesta eats them!

The MK3 is a much simpler car but are not as nice to drive. I miss my MK3 due to its simplicity, I actually did some quite advanced electrical work on that and it never caught fire amazingly.

 Nissan Micra - How is this for a bargain? - Dog
I remember when the Nissan Micra first came out = hated the blimmin thing!
But, then I got to tune one for a neighb in sowf lunden = great little car :)
I've had a few (hic!) as courtesy cars over the years and they are ok.
Even a Purple one would do me - being an aging Hippie (Haha!)
Still got the long hair (all 3 strands of it) and the beard :-O
 Nissan Micra - How is this for a bargain? - movilogo
Last year I bought a Nissan Sunny [138k miles, no service history] with full 1-yr MOT and 4 months tax for £300. I sold it after 4 months for £350 (due to some personal reason, the car was fine). The car was used as a learner car for my wife in this time period. Now that's called cheap motoring ;)

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