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 KIA Sorento SUV - 06 2.5 Overtaking mirrors - Telb
Anyone know how to pop the glass out of the door mirrors?

I've lost some of the electric adjustment on them and I'd like to check whether there's anything I can do to free them up before spending out at the garage!

 KIA Sorento SUV - 06 2.5 Overtaking mirrors - Fullchat
How is this?

'Lazy Wing Mirror Jan' 10 2010

The picture is not too clear but I will try to describe the detail.

Picture number 1 shows what appears to be three horizontal components. The lower one is the back of the mirror and the middle one the housing that the mirror clips onto. The top one is the motor and remaining gubbins. In this picture the mirror has been disengaged from the housing.

On the mirror you will clearly see at about 5 and 7 o clock two clips. There are another two about 10mm either side of the visible ones but you cannot see these on the picture. In essence there are two pairs of these clips and a further two pairs at the 10 and 2 o clock positions. 4 sets in total. (The poster alludes to 8 clips.)

Now looking at the housing which the mirror clips onto you will clearly see at about 5 o clock a small tab sticking out. There is one at 7 o clock but you cannot see it clearly. There are 4 of these in total and each one sits between a pair of the clips on the mirror.

With me so far???

Now go to your mirror and with a wide spatula pull the top of the mirror as far forward as you can - but gently. Work in top right hand area. There isn't much room but you snow have a birds eye view of one set of clips and the tab in between. You should see another set closer to the car.

Now get a long flat screwdriver and position it between the pair of clips and the tab on the mirror side of the tab. Twist the screwdriver gently and it should unclip. Once you have got one undone its easier and you will have more room. Now move to the set nearer the door and do the same thing again.

Mirror should now come out. Undo the wires for the heating element and voila!

Phew!!! Hope that has some clarity.

Replacement is simply clicking it back into position. I use a little bit of Vaseline or silicone grease just to ease the process.

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 KIA Sorento SUV - 06 2.5 Overtaking mirrors - Fullchat
Sorry ran out of time on the edit.

You may need to register. Its a good Forum. Look under technical. There is a 'picture by picture' of a mirror rebuild under the same circumstances as yourself.
 KIA Sorento SUV - 06 2.5 Overtaking mirrors - Telb
Thanks Fullchat. I'll print off your narrative and other stuff and when it eventually stops raining I'll have a go. Carefully.

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