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 Volvo XC90 - 07 2.4 Climate control gone mad - Netsur
Stupidly I decided to clean out the little three bar grille in the centre console which I assume is where the temp sensor on cars with climate control lives.

I think I may have dislodged a small wire, as there now appear to be two wires connected by a blob of plastic and a third which has a bare wire end that is loose.

After doing this, the climate control is very unreliable, blowing hot air when I want a gentle waft of ambient air.

Any ideas what I have done wrong and how I fix it?
 Volvo XC90 - 07 2.4 Climate control gone mad - Zero
Sound like you broke a wire off the temperature sensor. I would think its probably logged some climate errors in the CPU as well. The sensor will need to be replaced, the log cleared and probably recalibrated. Sounds like a dealer job to me.
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 Volvo XC90 - 07 2.4 Climate control gone mad - ....
Try here,

Hope it's not cream crackered !

link amended - it didn't work because of the full stop at the end which I've now removed
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 Volvo XC90 - 07 2.4 Climate control gone mad - Netsur
Thanks gmac. I had looked at that thread on the volvo forum. I hope the fix is something easier - like solder the wire back together!
 Volvo XC90 - 07 2.4 Climate control gone mad - ....
When I'm cleaning the inside of the car I generally use a duster in that area and sometimes put the vacuum on the lowest suction setting and a brief wave over that area.

There is a small fan in behind the grill where the wires are which can get blocked with dust.

Getting the dash off in that area without triggering the airbag warning is a challenge in itself. Best leave it to the experts I would suggest.
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