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 Late arrivals. - Ted

In tribute to' I'm sorry, I haven't a clue'........any late arrivals at the Motorist's Ball.
You know who........

Mr & Mrs Isteredkeeper and their son Reg.
From Germany, Herr & Frau Freephone and their son, Hans.


 Late arrivals. - henry k
Mr & Mrs Zuki and the daughter Sue
 Late arrivals. - Duncan
Mr & Mrs Waystreet and their son Huan.
 Late arrivals. - Duncan
Scroll down to 'The Driving Instructors Ball' or 'Car Dealers Ball'

I was laughing out loud at 7am!!
 Late arrivals. - Auntie Lockbrakes
Joking apart, I was walking round a town in New Zealand the other week when I noticed that the town's car park was down a street called "Wong Way"...

Imagine the fun and confusion you could have trying to direct people to the car park!
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