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 Dartcharge - incorrect PCN - Rudedog
How common is it that PCN's are issued incorrectly for the Dartcharge?

We went on holiday and stayed around the base of Snowdon in mid March and traveled up on the same day as when the M25 West was closed which meant we used the Dartford tunnel.

I went to pay the charge when we got to our stay but I had zero phone signal but my wife did so we used her phone to pay.
While out the next day I got the payment receipt as I used my email address. Job done.

Yesterday got home to a PCN for the charge!

As this was my 'first' offence I could just pay the £2.50 and the PCN would be closed - my wife was at work but I found the receipt on my phone but couldn't find the payment in my bank transactions completely forgetting that my wife paid from another account.

So thinking I was doing the right thing I paid the 'fine' there and then.

Now we've realised that we had in fact paid the charge and the PCN is incorrect.

OK luckily it was only £2.50 so not worried about that part of it but if it had been the full £70 then that would have been a different matter.

 Dartcharge - incorrect PCN - zippy
Did she use her car's registration number rather than yours?
 Dartcharge - incorrect PCN - Rudedog
Well the email receipt I have has my reg on - the bank account just shows the £2.50 going out.
 Dartcharge - incorrect PCN - Bromptonaut
I got one just after the Pandemic when there was confusion with accounts being suspended or closed. I thought it was suspended and would reactivate on use but actually it was closed. Twigged later and paid but outwith the time permitted.

PCN was issued but withdrawn on further examination.
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 Dartcharge - incorrect PCN - Rudedog
Wish I had waited now.. only paid because it was £2.50 but now used my first offence 'get out of jail free card'.

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