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 Condenser tumble dryer - bathtub tom
SWMBO said something about it not working as it should, so I took the condensor out and.................... half-an-hour later, I think it's clear.
The amount of grey, soggy fluff. At least as it's soggy, it's not a fire risk.

Have you checked yours ?
 Condenser tumble dryer - Bromptonaut
The previous two needed regular cleaning to keep the condenser fit for purpose.

The present Bosch is, or at least is said to be, self cleaning. You cannot actually get to the filter to examine it but there's certainly no loss of efficiency over the 6 or so years we've had it.
 Condenser tumble dryer - Zero
Yes, do it monthly. Lint filter and Condenser unit pop out easily
 Condenser tumble dryer - Bromptonaut
>> Yes, do it monthly. Lint filter and Condenser unit pop out easily

If they're meant to be removed they should slide out easily. It's a pain of a job though as the internal surface area of the filter is massive and lots of nooks and crannies.
 Condenser tumble dryer - R.P.
Did it yesterday....I'm slightly worried about stuff like that
 Condenser tumble dryer - martin aston
Did my Bosch a few weeks back as we were getting a lot of condensation in the utility room. It wasn’t just the lint trap and condenser that needed doing. There were several nooks and crannies with damp stuff sitting there. As far as I could I got this out but there are bits I couldn’t get to. Seems to be working OK now.
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