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 Dyson V10 repair - Bobby
My V10 came up with the known intermittent problem of the trigger jamming on etc.
Followed YouTube videos and stripped it and replaced the trigger.
But now the power is only coming on for 2 secs max then cutting out.

Have swapped the battery with my daughters which works well but same thing happened so not a battery issue.

Power is coming on when I press the trigger which suggests trigger working fine and doing what it is supposed to.

Anyone with a logical brain that can suggest what else to do? I’d rather not strip it all down again cos I am not convinced the screws will take many more attempts at screwing/ unscrewing without stripping.
 Dyson V10 repair - smokie
No blockages presumably?
 Dyson V10 repair - Bobby
 Dyson V10 repair - Bromptonaut
Nothing to add that's V10 specific but to me this exemplifies why adding the complexity of batteries and chargers to something that works perfectly well off the mains is a snare and delusion.

If spares are an issue there's a guy in the midlands who breaks them for parts:

He found me the wand/handle to keep a DC 03 my late Mother swore was done for 15 years ago going. It's perfect for use on carpets in the landing and bedrooms whereas there's a cylinder jobby for the lino/laminate downstairs.
 Dyson V10 repair - Clk Sec
Mrs CS had the same problem with ours repeatedly cutting out after a few seconds, despite there being no blockages.

However, this was successfully resolved by dumping the wretched thing in our grey bin and investing in the excellent Gtech equivalent, which has been problem free for the past 6 years or so.
 Dyson V10 repair - Kevin
Sounds like an overcurrent trip.

Nothing shorting or getting hot?
 Dyson V10 repair - Bobby
Nothing obvious but obviously everything is under the casing.
Certainly nothing heat wise.
 Dyson V10 repair - martin aston
My V6 was doing this recently. I know the V10 is a different model but here’s what a did.
I washed out the filter that drops in from the top. It looked clean already and washing it made no immediate difference. It still cut out. I wanted to pull the back of the machine apart to get to the rear filter which looks easy on YouTube but it wouldn’t budge. As a last resort I took the dust canister fully apart and brushed it out. Again no obvious obstruction.
However when I put it back together it worked and it’s been OK ever since. So I assume something innocuous looking was blocking it.
It might be worth taking yours apart where you haven’t already and cleaning what you can and see if you get lucky too.
Looking online there are suggestions on interpreting the warning lights but all I had was a flashing blue light. This is supposed to indicate a battery issue but in the end that didn’t seem to the problem. But then again I am not sure what was.
 Dyson V10 repair - Manatee
I wish they still made those upright Panasonics. About £60, we just bought one every 6 or 7 years. We still have the last one, but the bearing is knocking.
 Dyson V10 repair - Bobby
Just an update - I hate when doing DIY jobs and logical thinking / diagnosis doesnt work.

Switched filter with my daughters machine - her filter was dirty and had never been cleaned. And my machine worked , but only on the lowest power level, flicking the switch to the second and it just died.
Her filter worked fine on her machine at all 3 speeds.
Tried cleaning her filter and then attempting on mine again and still the same.

So with my perfectly clean filter it doesnt work, with her not as clean one, will work at one speed but not the other 2.

When you strip the machine down there is no obvious mechanical or metal contact switch or sensor that knows when the filter is in place, but it must do as it lights up when not there.

So I really dont knwo what is wrong - I am now wondering of the fiurst time I cleaned my own filter as part of this process, the filter may not have been absolutely bone dry when I put it back on, though it had sat on a radiator for 20 hours, but if there was any water droplets left in it somehow then maybe switching it on has blasted them into the motor.

I had ordered the V11 from Costco as a backup and it arrived today but the box hasnt been opened pending any result with fixing this V10. But sadly I have ran out of ideas. Have physically stripped the whole thing 3 times now, everything is where it should be so i can only assume its electronic / motor or whatever.

Local guestimates for repairs are approx £100 which I feel prob isn't worth it for a 4 year old machine that was refurbished when I got it! I will keep checking ebay but the motors seem to be around £50 on there.

Oh and one of the screwholders for holding the battery in broke off as well in the process. Still got two screws holding it in place but suspect it would soon end up with duck tape holding it tight.

 Dyson V10 repair - Zero
There is an issues with current sensing in the motor. The motor current/torque curve is not matching what is expected. You will need top strip the motor aprt to find out why.
 Dyson V10 repair - Bobby
yeah not very good at the electrical / electronic side of thngs. It just looks like a circuit board to me!
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