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 Where's zippy? - Duncan
What has happened to zippy?
 Where's zippy? - Zero
He hasnt been on since you offended him by calling him "a bloke with a chip on his shoulder"
 Where's zippy? - Duncan
Now there's a funny thing.

It was some of his remarks on here a while back that caused me to have a spell away from this forum.
 Where's zippy? - Zero
you probably shopped him the authorities, and he is being interrogated in some dark secret government dungeon.

Nice to touch to shift blame by enquiring about his wellbeing.

 Where's zippy? - VxFan
I think he's on tour with Rod, Jane, and Freddy.
 Where's zippy? - smokie
Received this from him this evening...

All is good here thanks!

Been very busy with unwell mother and mother in law who have both been in hospital but are now back at their respective homes.

Very thick skinned, so please let Duncan know that there are no hard feelings. :-)

My laptop also died, and I have only just got around to replacing it.

Will be back posting soon as I am winding down for Xmas and should have some free time.

Best wishes to you and yours and everyone on the C4P forum.
 Where's zippy? - Duncan
>> Very thick skinned, so please let Duncan know that there are no hard feelings. :-)

Please tell him that I, too, bear no hard feelings...
 Where's zippy? - Zero
probably a few years since you had hard feelings......
 Where's zippy? - James Loveless
Chemical assistance is available.
 Where's zippy? - zippy
Thanks for posting that Smokie.

It has been a hectic few months here - with both mum and mum in law hospitalised.

As mentioned my laptop died and I needed to replace it. I was procrastinating about getting a new one - waiting for the perfect price / spec balance which just wasn't going to happen, so Santa (Mrs Z) treated me to a Lenovo LOQ (a low cost gaming laptop) with an I7-13620H processor, 16gb ram and a RTX4060 graphics card - and it cost her about £650 - which seems to be quite a bargain.

Work has been mad. Higher interest costs are hurting businesses - and that's meant more files on my desk.

Miss Z has got the short straw re shifts at the hospital over Christmas so we're driving 120 miles this afternoon to spend Christmas day with her and her beau. We are going to a local pub for Christmas lunch - my treat - but it's painful at £80 a head! Then it's back here for Boxing day - and we are hosting my parents and mum - in - law - pub again because we wont be in the mood for cooking - my credit card is going to take a hammering!

Anyway the most important thing - wishing everyone here and your nearest and dearest a fantastic Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

 Where's zippy? - smokie
Welcome back!!
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