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 Windows Time and Date. - Bromptonaut
My Lenovo laptop, running Win 10 and patched, was reset to French summer time, UTC +2, while we were on holiday last month.

Since returning to the UK I cannot get it back to UK summer time, UTC +1.

However I change the options for setting time/time zone, ie automatic or not, the time zone remains greyed out on Brussels, Madrid Paris etc. As soon as it syncs again it's back in Normandy!!

Any ideas?
 Windows Time and Date. - Bromptonaut
Too late to edit.

Ahh, part solved by enabling location services in the privacy tab.

Zone still grayed out but now it's in the right one - London etc.
 Windows Time and Date. - Kevin
Missed opportunity to say to Mrs B:

"Pack your bags we're moving to France."
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