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 Laptop can’t find the internet - zippy
New work laptop can’t don’t the internet.

It connects to the router. WiFi connects and reads connected, secured when clicking on the WiFi icon. All other devices at home connect and work fine.

When opening a browser it can’t open a we page and can’t find the DNS. The DNS is set to automatically detect setting and use a proxy server is off.

As usual works help desk have no clue, blaming it on my ISP (every other device works fine).

Drivers are up to date.

Any ideas appreciated!

 Laptop can’t find the internet - Falkirk Bairn
I had a similar type issue after downloading a Win11 upgrade.

Laptop Connected to router etc but Chrome would not load.
Tried a few things and then tried another browser - new browser worked.
Then I looked at Malwarebytes and put it to sleep.
Chrome worked.
Reported it to Malwarebytes - 2/3 hours later a work around suggested and it worked - a day later a patch was issued. Great service from MB - the full edition of MB from RBS/NastyWest is FOC for online banking.
 Laptop can’t find the internet - smokie
Presume it can't do email either (if you use Outlook or some other client).

I'd be checking my IP config (making sure there are no proxies set up) then move onto pinging my router followed by a few reliable external sites - probably starting with your ISPs site - and see what I got.

Make sure there isn't a firewall blocking stuff - if you have one, just turn it off for a few minutes to test.

Worth trying to forget the network and re-add it, sometimes it helps.

Is this a work machine? They may have locked stuff down to you in unalterable policies.
 Laptop can’t find the internet - tyrednemotional
...does your connection have a designated DNS server?

You can check fairly quickly by opening a "Command Prompt" window, and typing "ipconfig /all" (without the quotes, and for avoidance of doubt, there is one space before the /)

It will give you basic info on your IP data, including your DHCP address, and the DNS server(s) IP address (as long as you've got one).
 Laptop can’t find the internet - zippy
Thanks all!

After a day with help desk still got no further and the vpn software also refuses to run on it.

So I said that this faffing about costs more than the laptop costs and a manager in IT agreed so they will be sending me a new one and taking the old one back to reformat it and start again.
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