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 Missing Email Addresses - Duncan
For email I use Yahoo Mail - on a PC on Google Chrome. Some of my most used email addresses don't pop up in Auto-Fill, or whatever it's called. So, I have to enter them manually which is tiresome.

e.g. I am going to send an email to, normally when I type j, all the addresses which start with J pop up and I click on the one I want and Bob's your mum's relation, but joe scroggs isn't there. All the other j... are, but not the one I use all the time.

These people are all listed in Contacts. I have tried deleting the contact and re-entering it, but that makes no difference.

If i do this on an iPad it works fine, but not on the PC!

Any bright ideas please, from the collective wisdom?
 Missing Email Addresses - smokie
Do you mean you are using webmail inside Chrome, or do you use another email client e.g. Outlook?

If Outlook, possibly the file where they are stored is corrupt. You can recreate it and add your contacts fairly easily (though you can't readily add people not in your contacts, and of course there may be another cause). Though you can save the file where they are kept before you try to correct it, so that you can restore it afterwards if it doesn't work as hoped.

If you want to try this - open File Explorer, and put %LOCALAPPDATA%MicrosoftOutlook in the address bar and press enter. You'll then see a folder called RoamCache. Rename that to OldRoamCache.

Start Outlook (which recreates that folder), open a new mail and in the To field add all the emails addresses you want in the file (All of them maybe!). You don't need to send the email. I think this adds them to the file. (If it doesn't just rename the OldRoamCache folder back)

 Missing Email Addresses - Duncan
I am a computer know nothing. I understand, I think, that the PC runs on Windows 10. The browser is Google chrome. The mail provider is Yahoo. Sorry if these are dumb answers.

Yahoo Mail says I can have Auto-Fill (or populate, or suggest, whatever it's called) if - click on the gear wheel, settings, more settings, contacts, Enhanced Contacts, enable. Done all that. Tried disable, clear cookies, shut down, restart, enable enhanced contacts again and it makes no difference.

What should I do next?
 Missing Email Addresses - Zero
Smokie is trying to establish if you use a mail client (a local program on your pc) or the Browser (in the cloud)

Its important because one is fixable, one aint.


What buttons do you press to open or create your mail.
 Missing Email Addresses - Duncan
The one marked Yahoo Mail.
 Missing Email Addresses - Duncan
The yahoo mail button is a bookmark.
 Missing Email Addresses - Zero
Ok so its Web based client. Probably nowt you can fiddle on your PC to fix.

Dont use the bookmark, type the ymail server address in your browser and try from there
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 Missing Email Addresses - Duncan
I typed in and my yahoo email thing comes up. I type in the first letters the one of the gone missing names, but it doesn't come up.

The first one I tried is a derek, let's say, the other very rarely used dereks come up, but not derek.jones.
 Missing Email Addresses - Zero
>> I typed in


Why didn't you type in and log in from there.

As I said, Its a problem with your Ymail server. They need to fix it.

 Missing Email Addresses - Duncan
Because I am an ignoramus in these matters. I am not familiar with and do not understand the words used.

Browser. Server. Web based client. Browser in the cloud. It's all double dutch to me.

It's not the end of the world. I can use one of the iPads, or type in the missing auto-fill addresses, or invite my tech savvy nephew over.

 Missing Email Addresses - smokie,need%20to%20do%20anything%20else.
 Missing Email Addresses - Duncan
Thanks smokie. Yes, done that.

Then disabled it, ran c cleaner, switched off, left it, turned on again, enabled enhance contacts. Fired up my old Firefox browser(is that the right word?) tried it on that with the same result. The same 3 or 4 addresses that I use quite a lot, won't auto-fill/auto-suggest.

Well it's a nuisance, but hey ho. I might subscribe to the Yahoo Mail service for a month and see if they can sort it.

Thanks to you and Zero for suggestions.
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