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 DVLA systems not talking to each other - zippy
Mrs Z’s vehicle tax reminder is due so I get on line to pay it.

The system tells me that it cannot find the MOT but looking on the MOT checker with the DVLA it’s confirmed having a valid and in date MOT and has had so for the last 11 months! It’s also insured.

Now on the phone to get it sorted. Any wagers as to how long I will be on hold for?

 DVLA systems not talking to each other - zippy
Ah, my bad!

The rules have changed. The MOT needs to be valid from the start of when the tax starts, which makes sense as you could previously tax it then have an expired MOT.

15 minutes on hold so not too bad.
 DVLA systems not talking to each other - VxFan
That has always been the case. An MOT has to have a date of expiry after the start date of the RFL.

Back in my teenage days when I had my first moped (1984), I popped round the corner to the Post Office to get the RFL for it while it was being MOT'd. Quite rightly, the post mistress pointed out the MOT would run out 3 days before the RFL was due and therefore refused to issue one. I had to pop back round again after it had been given a new MOT.
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 DVLA systems not talking to each other - Bromptonaut
Both systems are run by HMG but testing and licensing are run by different arms of the Dept for Transport.

MoT testing is the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

'Road Tax' is indeed DVLA.

But as it turns out the system is right.
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 DVLA systems not talking to each other - Falkirk Bairn
Buying brand new car on 1st of the month can cause pain with MoTs and Road tax.
Register the car on 2nd/3rd of the month and the MoT pressure in future can be less painful.
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