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As the title suggests, a place to discuss Formula One, and all other types of motorsport (excluding MotoGP, which has a section of its own).


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 Bahrain GP 2023 - VxFan
Well who would have thought it?

A 41 year old GP driver (goes by the name Fernando Alonso, you might have heard of him) can show the younger drivers how it's done by coming 3rd in his first race with his new team Aston Martin.

And also challenge the likes of Hamilton and Sainz with some great overtaking manoeuvres toward the end of the race.

Had he not been tapped from behind by his team mate at the start of the race, I would imagine he would have finished less than 38 seconds behind the 2 cars in front of him.

Looks like another dominant season by the Red Bull team though.
 N24 2023 - Rudedog
My favourite race of the year, managed to watch most of it and at last a full race with no interruptions due to the weather.

At last a win for the Frikadelli Racing Team which has broken the dominance of the German cars with the super fast Ferrari 296 GT3, BMW at last seem to have got it together with the BMW M4 GT3 but many teams seem too have suffered with tyre issues.

Great commentary from the UK team.
 Le Mans 2023 - Rudedog
Have to admit I didn't follow the race this year as I was in France on holiday last weekend - seems Ferrari did it again for the second major 24hr race but this time in the new WEC category.
 Le Mans 2023 - smokie
I enjoyed watching quite a few hours of it. There seemed to be more interruptions than ever (yellow flags and slow zones than I remember from before, and of course some of them go on for quote a while if, e.g., barrier repair is needed. That's the advantage of watching a recording as you can skip through all that!!

The problems arose because, being such a long lap, there were occasions when only a small part of the track was had rain and the rest was bone dry. The cars are totally unable to function on slicks on the wet bits, but there wasn't enough wet to keep wet tyres in condition.

Well done to Ferrari, but I expect Toyota and Peugeot would have preferred a different outcome!!

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