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 Goodbye Wrighty - Robin O'Reliant
Steve Wright signed off the afternoon show today, probably well past his sell by date but he wasn't all bad, sometimes it was still listenable.

Next off I reckon will be Ken Bruce, he's gone a bit stale over the last few years and the music is very bland. And I must be one of the few who can't stand Pop Master.
 Goodbye Wrighty - zippy
I like Wrighty and to talk of Ken's going is sacrilege!
 Goodbye Wrighty - martin aston
Steve lost me with his tedious “serious jockin” stuff on a Friday. It became very irritating and grating (or irritatin and gratin). It’s a shame as I used to enjoy the impressions and the interaction with his studio crew.

The only DJ I seek out now is Graham Norton on Virgin at the weekends. Otherwise in the car I stick with Ken Bruce in the morning and otherwise Radio 4 and 4 Extra. Indoors, bath-time and breakfast excepted, I prefer silence. Grumpy old man syndrome probably.

 Goodbye Wrighty - VxFan
Probably end up on Greatest Hits radio, where several former Radio 1 & 2 presenters have gone.

Simon Mayo, Mark Goodier, Jackie Brambles, etc.
 Goodbye Wrighty - wotspur
I used to work with his brother ,Larry ,20 odd years ago.
Used to love his Steve Wright in the afternoon ,and Mr Angry from Purley , BITD but listen to Sports shows most of the time
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