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 Bailiffs - bathtub tom
Came knocking on my door this morning, at the new bungalow. Not surprised, as I've been getting letters from TFL addressed to the, deceased, previous owner. I've been marking them 'deceased, return to sender'.
I suspect his car's either being used by a family member, or been sold and the V5 hasn't
been updated.
They were very pleasant, showed their ID and asked for ours. We explained the situation and they said we'ed probably hear no more. They did say, rather menacingly, "we'll find them".
 Bailiffs - smokie
We had that in a previous address, turned out he was the local scoundrel in many respects, but also quite feared by some. A plant contractor, who tried to disappear from a load of debt. We had numerous letters from various agencies but only one visit. None were hard to deal with but I was pleased when they stopped.
 Bailiffs - zippy
In the 80's I had purchased a new build house.

I had been there less than a week when some bailiffs turned up and insisted that I owed a lot of money to some firm.

They really were obnoxious, foot in the door etc. and insisted on copy bills etc.

I didn't have any bills - I had only been there a few days and it was my first place since leaving home.

When I said I would dig out my driving licence which was in my wallet in the bedroom to show it wasn't me they tried to come in the house so I blocked them and they threatened to call the police for breach of the peace.

One of them walked up to the phone box at the end of the road and rang the cops who turned up.

Had a chat with the bailiffs who then skunked off giving me the "V" sign.

The cop told me that they had the address wrong. I was Heron Close. They needed Heron Park Close.

Utter scum.
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 Bailiffs - Dog
>>Utter scum.

Yup! .. I had dealings with a debt collection agency some years back who reckoned I owed AOL some spondulics.

I didn't, as I'd never been with AOL.

They caused me so much ag and stress that when they threatened to 'send the boys round', I was hoping that they did, as I fully prepared to give them a bit more than just a flea in their ear.
 Bailiffs - R.P.
Bose (of al people) threatned me with debt collectors in 2002. Basically a pair of headphones I ordered didn't get delivered and after contacting them they sent me replacements. I repsonded with a "do your worst" sort of letter and they backed off. I still have the original letter somewhere. Never saw the any debt collectors.

A couple of years later had another visit from some annoying men, after the previous occupier of a house we'd lived in for a year or so. They were obnoxious - I knew where the guy now lived and I offered to sell them the info....oddly they declined.
 Bailiffs - Fullchat
When my Mother moved close by she received several letters addressed to a previous but one occupant demanding payments amounting to around £15K.

I returned them with an accompanying letter explaining explaining the current situation and suggested they check the voters register to corroborate my account.

Butt still the letters kept coming. So a phone call to a premium rate number - thieves when people have problems, to once again explain.

And still they kept coming as they kept moving the debt on, to a different business in the same building :S

Finally a recorded delivery letter suggesting that that they were in breach of data protection as the information they held was incorrect despite having been informed and also easily checked. Also informing them that any further intervention by myself would incur a fee of £100 a pop.

They responded suggesting that they had no record of my previous correspondence but noted my updated information. Wish I'd sent it recorded delivery. It all stopped after that.

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 Bailiffs - bathtub tom
It gets better.

Had a letter from the council threatening debt collector agency/bailiffs for non payment of council tax at my old property. I knew I was up to date when I moved out.
Sent an email and got a phone call, confirming the correct forms had been completed and submitted and there didn't appear to be any reason they hadn't been 'actioned'.

A few weeks further on, I get a court summons for non payment of council tax at my old property. I call the council this time and eventually get to speak to someone who said they could see the correct forms had been completed and submitted. they could also see my previous email and phone call stating all was in order. I tell them I'd be happy to attend to the court, turn up with my conveyancing solicitor and statements showing all previous payments. When they said that would cost me money, I replied it wouldn't cost me, but with costs and expenses should be an interesting experience.
Within a couple of hours I receive an email stating the summons and additional charges had been lifted! I was quite disappointed.
 Bailiffs - zippy
Glad it's sorted.

I do wonder re yours and FC's experiences, what would be the situation if less capable people got harassed like this.

I wonder if some people who don't owe anything just give up and pay just to stop being harassed.

I was lucky in my post above re the police but more recently they don't seem to be as professional with one woman recently receiving a significant pay out for enabling the bailiffs to enter her house when they had not right to and arresting her in the process and a man in Kent arrested and taken to Crown Court for attacking a policeman when the police tried to enter his home to help bailiffs and he fought them off as they had no right to enter and the jury agreed and he was found not guilty.*****-eviction-ord-264433/

I suspect another pay out for trespass / false arrest.

 Bailiffs - Bromptonaut
>> I wonder if some people who don't owe anything just give up and pay just
>> to stop being harassed.

I might have mentioned this before....

While I was doing general 'phone advice I had a call from a lady who worked as a domiciliary carer using her car. The car, which was of low value, was clamped by a bailiff.

Not her debt; her nerr do well son was behind with a court fine.

Bailiff asserted that son might have an interest in the car. Fact that V5, "not worth the paper it's written on" and insurance in her name only cut no ice. She could not produce a receipt for a £500 cash purchase 18 months earlier.

Pretty sure that if she'd filed an 'interpleader' the bench would have had no trouble finding the car was hers. That would take days during which, with no car, she could not work.

I was 100% convinced Bailiff knew damned well car was Mum's but hoped she'd produce a bank card and pay up to make the problem go away...

I think we limbo'd under the bar based on the car's value and it being her work tool. But as is so often the case we heard nothing more.

But as is so often the
 Bailiffs - Ted

I recently had a brush with authority. An A4 sized letter arrived with a window for the address. The contents had slipped up and all I could see was our address and part of a line reading " You are charged with the offence of...."

On opening it was for my grandson..DM. It was a plea form and circumstances questionnaire for riding on the tram without paying on 29th June. They were taking him to court seeking £120. I knew he had been caught earlier in the year but he swore he hadn't done it again. I also knew I had taken the tram to town to pay his £50 fine shortly afterwards but I couldn't find a record on my bank statement. I assumed he had been done again and duly filled in the forms with him pleading guilty.

Fast forward about 5 weeks, last weekend I was sorting some paperwork out at home and I found a stamped receipt for £50 on July 11th. I checked the statement again and there was the payment, but credited to a name I didn't associate with the tram people.

I rang the prosecutions dep. and a nice lady said the case had already been heard by the justices but to email her the receipt and she'd ring me back. She did so at 0900 the following day, profusely apologised and said the payment people had not sent the payment to the prosecutions people (her) 4 months ago and she'd sorted it and nothing further would happen.

Relief for me as I'm sure I would have been paying it for him !

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