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 Freesat Upset By Weather - Ambo
For some time my Freesat recordable box has been acting up and each new connection now begins with a satellite re-connection graphic and procedure. No recordings can be made and old ones have been erased.

Could this be down to the weather? I am reluctant to try a factory re-set as my level of skill in such matters is such that I fear making matters worse. The box is out of warranty.

 Freesat Upset By Weather - Zero
If you mean "upset by weather" in as far as interfering with the signal? As it affects you*, no.

The heat could however have warped your dish, cracked open the LNB on the dish, bent the LNB arm. I'd get an aerial/sat man to have a look if its been up there a while.

* We are going through higher than normal solar storm activity (even taking the 7 year cycle into account) and the solar storms are buffeting the smaller sats around. (even knocking a few out)
But its not affecting signal stability adversely.
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 Freesat Upset By Weather - Ambo
Noted with thanks.
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