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 17,000 metric tons of Porsche & VWs going to waste - smokie
"Portugal’s navy said it had rescued 22 crew members from a large cargo ship that caught fire in the Atlantic Ocean."

"The 200-metre-long ship was sailing from Emden in Germany to the port of Davisville in the United States."

Probably those notorious EV batteries self igniting
 17,000 metric tons of Porsche & VWs going to waste - Crankcase
We are new car shopping at the moment. As I want a nice saloon, that means that there is a choice of about three cars from any manufacturer in the world to look at in my budget. Hardly anybody makes them any more.

Best lead time I've been quoted is nine months, worst is 24.

If people have been waiting that kind of time for their Golf and it FINALLY gets built and starts to ship and then this happens, you are going to be one unhappy bunny today.
 17,000 metric tons of Porsche & VWs going to waste - Falkirk Bairn
Saloon cars are heading for a place in history.

USA production of the Passat is finishing as are Ford Fusions (Mondeo).
China will still be producing Passats & LWB Passats.
Honda ceasing production of Legends in Japan having already ceased US production a good few years back, demand has fallen further the US market- 4 door Accords & Civics will still be available for Americans
 17,000 metric tons of Porsche & VWs going to waste - henry k

A cargo ship that was carrying thousands of luxury cars has sank off the Portuguese Azores archipelago, nearly two weeks after it caught fire.

The ship, named Felicity Ace, was transporting around 4,000 cars such as Porsches and Bentleys.

Volkswagen said the damage to the vehicles was covered by insurance which could cost around $155m (£116m) according to Reuters.

Bentley confirmed that 189 of its cars were onboard the ship and Porsche said it had about 1,100 of its models onboard.
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