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 clamp down on rogue parking firms - VxFan

A new package of measures will protect millions of drivers from unfair and extortionate charges, with a new Code of Practice to help keep cowboy private parking firms in check.

The proposals include a maximum cap for parking fines, a 10-minute grace period before a late fine can be issued, and a requirement for parking firms to clearly display pricing and terms and conditions.

 clamp down on rogue parking firms - Fullchat
"Rogue operators who do not follow the Code could be banned from accessing Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) data"

Could? That's quite open ended. Who is going to oversee, monitor and ensure that unscrupulous operators WILL be appropriately and robustly dealt with? In the meantime how many victims are going to be prey to these unscrupulous bandits.
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 clamp down on rogue parking firms - BiggerBadderDave

That's a word that I detest. A favourite word for journalists to get dramatic headlines.

"Could get a £30,000 fine and ten years in prison!!!"

But won't.
 clamp down on rogue parking firms - wotspur
It’s about time these cowboys were claimed down on .
I’ve heard of pregnant women waddling into give birth and parking in the wrong place , a human being woukd understand this and cancel , these companies don’t give a toss . You coukd have paid and parked for two hours then suffer a stroke and again get fined .
One of the worst things is they’re allowed to still chase you for 6 years , that’s ridiculous , 6 months maximum
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