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 The grate drain robbery - VxFan

Thieves have stolen 160 metal storm drain covers in a three-day spree.

The grates, also known as gully covers, disappeared from locations around Doncaster between 14 and 17 January.

A police spokesman said officers are looking into any holes left by the missing covers.
 The grate drain robbery - Robin O'Reliant
Such a thing was not uncommon when I worked for a London Borough in the eighties.

The best one ever was when the council repaved about two hundred yards of pavement and the next day a gang of "Workmen" turned up and removed the lot. Everyone who saw them thought they were council contractors still on the job.
 The grate drain robbery - Stuartli
A village church a few miles from where I live recently had a large number of its 200 plus-year-old path flagstones stolen overnight.

Apparently they are very valuable as well of great historical interest and all those involved with the Grade I 700-year-old church are rightly very angry and upset at the theft and the damage to some of the remaining flagstones.

Police believe the theft might be linked to a similar theft from another church in the Leyland area.

You wonder how low some people can go....
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