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 Importing cheap gadget from Japan - zippy
A mate has been doing me some favours and I know he would like a small gadget (costs about £10 to £15) from Japan.

It's available from Amazon Japan.

I was thinking of getting 3.

Does anyone know if its better to buy them separately or all together with regards VAT and import duty?

 Importing cheap gadget from Japan - Manatee
1 might have more chance of slipping under the radar. On the other hand, my son's Christmas present that cam from Belgium had £52 added on and most of that was the handling charge so if it's going to be picked up then 3 should work out cheaper per unit.
 Importing cheap gadget from Japan - smokie
You may well find that VAT is now included in the final price -there as some change a few months back and most of the tat that I get from China now adds VAT at the final payment stage.

Most of that is under a tenner and I've never been asked for import duty. Whether I'm just lucky or there is a low threshold I have no idea.
 Importing cheap gadget from Japan - Fullchat
We got hit on a box of family Christmas presents from Germany. Nothing remotely of any real value. Claimed it back but of course that involves some admin work. Brexit, the gift that keeps on giving. :/
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