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 need a split clamp for a round battery post - henry k
I want a split clamp to fit on a standard round battery post.
i.e. it needs two bolts to clamp it.
Does such an item exist and if so where can I obtain one ?

Why do I want one ?
My son has a 3L diesel Audi Q5 and wants to use a Lithium-Ion Polymer battery starter .
It appears that all such starters have very short leads designed to be used directly on the battery.
The Q5 has its battery buried in the bottom of the boot. Audi have a block of positive terminals
under a flap just in front of the windscreen.
They also have a battery shaped post on the top of the front suspension strut.

My intention was to fabricate a short cable to attach to this earth point so that the battery pack could be easily used.
Yes I could use a fat long jump lead but I wanted something small and better connected.
However nice as it was for Audi to provide the post it was not the nicest design.
it has a hexagonal at the top of the post thus going against every design I have ever seen where connections just push on from the top. Why not have the heagonal at the bsse ????.
I do not want to file off the hexagonals.

He works from home and does not travel /commute/visit customers but does short trips.
On street parking so mains access to car is across the pavement.

Any other comments or suggestions

 need a split clamp for a round battery post - Zero
These asny good?
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 need a split clamp for a round battery post - carmalade
Is it possible to remove the earth post from the chassis point and insert a regular battery terminal from below? You would need to check the dimensions of the terminal to ensure a good fit.
 need a split clamp for a round battery post - Kevin
Might not be applicable in your case, it depends on the existing wiring, but keep in mind that boosters have short leads to keep resistance and therefore voltage drop to a minimum.
An extra fraction of an Ohm and you could be wasting your time.
 need a split clamp for a round battery post - VxFan

Is this what it looks like?

Sorry, couldn't find a clearer image.

Is the hole through the centre threaded, or could it be threaded with a tap, and then something like this crimped onto a lead could be attached to it.
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 need a split clamp for a round battery post - henry k
Thanks for replies/ suugestions.
I can find nothing on searches.
A non cast item might be soft enough to open it up and then fit round the post
something like this.

or KISS. a jubilee clip to clamp the short extention cable to the earth post and leave it in situ.
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