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 Virtue Signalling - No FM2R
Virtue signalling is often a force for good

From prehistoric man’s survival to the abolition of slavery, the desire for esteem drives progress

James Marriott

(probably behind a pay wall, sorry)

An interesting, and valid, perspective. And, if I am honest, one I had not considered before.

Essentially the thrust is that whilst one may be absolutely and disingenuously virtue signalling, one is still reinforcing the perception of what is "good" behaviour.

Thus virtue signalling plays a significant part in enforcing good behaviours over all of us.

Ditto "woke" behaviour.

It is a good point; pretending to the world that you have a good behaviour or thought does reinforce the value of that good thought or behaviour amongst peers.

It's a sufficiently strong point that I guess I can no longer user it as a criticism or insult. Which is mildly annoying.

Bromp, I think you'll find it particularly interesting (genuinely) and if you can't find/see it then email me and I'll send you the text.

 Virtue Signalling - zippy
When it's a force for good, I can but agree with you.

Virtue signalling by some people is not good (plenty of examples of extremists in Govt over the last century signalling what appears to their population is right but clearly isn't to the rest of the world - think book burning as one example and is I suppose someone else's "Cancel culture").

Cancel culture seems worrying. For example the two cricketers suspended for tweets made when they were much younger, one a bad taste joke but nothing more.

I understand GB News has been a victim of protestors calling on advertisers to leave the channel, even before the company started to broadcast. (I have watched it and didn't like the presentation / delivery style. I may try again in a week or so.)

There are numerous other examples of people being abused online for having differing opinions and some of the abuse extends to death-threats.

People are allowed to have opinions. Some of those opinions should be different to mine and may offend. They should not be "cancelled" for them.

Unfortunately, offending is seen as a crime and the authorities are now policing opinions as well with people being investigated and arrested for speaking their mind.
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