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 Satellite Broadband - zippy
I’m in the sticks for a few days R&R and save for the odd Jet fighter roaring about it is nice and quiet.

There is no wired internet and mobile communications are patchy at best.

The cottage’s owners have provided satellite broadband for our browsing needs 10mbs up and down and a lag of 16ms. The is a large dish on top of a garage providing the link for 4 barns.

Not too shabby, but I won’t be streaming any videos just in case it runs up a huge bill for the owners.
 Satellite Broadband - sherlock47
16ms lag? What does the latency reading report on a speedtest?

16ms Seems unlikely since the geostationary satellite is rather a long way up there! 500ms round trip delay is fairly typical. Makes on line gaming almost impossible and you will probably notice the delay if using VOIP (eg Skype). Friends found that calls using Apple VOIP services were almost unusable since the network introduce additional satellite hops.
 Satellite Broadband - sherlock47
Probably a better overview here....

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