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 Chrome gone Dutch - Stroudie
This afternoon, 2 March 2017, my Android 6 phone and Chrome Google search language changed to Dutch with no input from me.
I have got the phone language back to English, but Chrome opens Google search and Outlook email login page in Dutch, still, in spite of me going into Settings, and supposedly putting it back to US English.
It won't have UK English.
Has there been some sort of DDOS?
 Chrome gone Dutch - Stroudie
Now got them back to English.
Still can't think what happened in the first place.
 Chrome gone Dutch - Bromptonaut
>> This afternoon, 2 March 2017, my Android 6 phone and Chrome Google search language changed
>> to Dutch with no input from me.

1. Do you have colleagues/friends/relatives with a penchant for practical jokes?

2 Have you left your phone unlocked/unattended?

 Chrome gone Dutch - Stroudie
1) No
2) No
 Chrome gone Dutch - rtj70
Used to happen a lot with Nokias at work - no doubt everywhere. That's why you shouldn't leave an unlocked phone unattended.

My Android phone only lets me in with my fingerprint (so quick unlock) or a long password. Could have it unlock when connected via Bluetooth to say my car or watch but I'd rather not.

And I've not experience the problem Strodie had not heard of anyone else that has.
 Chrome gone Dutch - Stroudie
Neither the phone or laptop left my side today, and I made no attempt to alter settings, until the problem arose.
I then tried to read around using Firefox as the browser to find out what happened and if it might have been a problem disseminated by Google, or hackers.
 Chrome gone Dutch - Stroudie
Update-Yesterday evening I got things back to normal after a lot of fiddling about, but this morning on switching the laptop on again Chrome google search pane was back in Dutch.
Managed to get it back to English by disconnecting Google account and re-starting it, and adjusted language in Advanced Settings, but Outlook login page still in Dutch, although Mails are in English, thank goodness.
Reading on the net it seems to be a common problem-suddenly language changes without any apparent changes made by the user.
 Chrome gone Dutch - Roger.
Were you using a VPN with a Dutch IP address?
 Chrome gone Dutch - devonite
One of my Ex's parting tricks was to set my phone to Chinese or some such type language, could I faff figure out how to revert it! so I took it to my local take-away and got them to do it! ;-)
 Chrome gone Dutch - Stroudie
Such is my ignorance, Roger, that I would not know a VPN if it hit me in the face-??virtual private network-still don't understand it.
All I can say is that the laptop was OK when I turned it off the day before, and then starting again next morning it had gone Dutch-no input from me.
I have gone into Google settings and hope to have knocked off Dutch from the languages.
It seems to be behaving itself at the moment.
Even Google maps is speaking English.
Outlook sign in seems also to be back in English.
Reading around on the net the many complaints seem to suggest it could be a bug in Google.
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