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 N. Devon to Preston via? - MD
We're orf on the above jaunt sometime soon. The journey last time was incredibly boring and heavy going and to be fair I was knackered upon arrival.

We thought that we might add a day and do something/go somewhere en route or off route to brake (motoring link) the thing up a bit. Having visited Wales as a child (Towyn I think) the whole country appeals greatly to me. My first thoughts are to drive right up the middle possible getting over half way to our destination and do a bit of sightseeing and then meal and kip. Can the panel advise?
 N. Devon to Preston via? - devonite
you could go the scenic route via Cheddar gorge - Stratford upon Avon - Peak district Nat Park, then on to Preston, you could stop for an hour or so in these places and find something interesting! it all goes downhill when you get to Preston!
 N. Devon to Preston via? - CGNorwich
I would have thought it a fairly straightforward drive via M5/M6 - motorway nearly all the way and possible in sub 5 hours.

Of course the critical thing is the traffic. One of those journeys worth making a very early start.
 N. Devon to Preston via? - R.P.
Stop off in Garstang near Preston. Check out the world's biggest garden centre. Pop into the Gents and stiffle a me

Stop off in Formby and check out Gormley's art installation. Make sure you go at low tide though !
 N. Devon to Preston via? - Stuartli
>>Stop off in Formby and check out Gormley's art installation. Make sure you go at low tide though ! >>

if you do, the only things you will see for the most part are squirrels.

Anthony Gormley's Another Place is, in fact, in Crosby at Burbo Bank, near the Coastguard Station and Hall Road railway station....:-)

But great views (despite the wind turbine farms) of the Mersey Estuary and the ships going in and out of Liverpool.
 N. Devon to Preston via? - Old Navy
Not on your route but this is a good (and very big) one. A good place for a break from driving if you are in the area. Two hours from Central Scotland and Liverpool / Manchester area.
 N. Devon to Preston via? - MD
When I said right up the middle I meant Wales.
 N. Devon to Preston via? - Harleyman
>> When I said right up the middle I meant Wales.

Your alternatives would be;

1) Go off the M5 via M49 across the old Severn Bridge, you could then do Forest of Dean up to Ross-on-Wye, then A49 up through the Welsh Marches; Shropshire is a lovely and oft-overlooked area. Spend the night in Shrewsbury perhaps, or even Chester. Both well worth a visit.

2) if you want to do mid-Wales, go via new Severn Bridge, A449/A40 to Abergavenny, thence to Brecon and take A470. Personally I think Llandrindod Wells is overrated, traffic through Newtown is an absolute pig, so you could take the Rhayader/Dolgellau route from Builth Wells, which would take you nearer Snowdonia which is where most of the pretty stuff is. If you like scenery do th Elan valley, stunning. Allow plenty of time though.

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 N. Devon to Preston via? - Armel Coussine
There's a vast audience on the telly at the moment chanting 'USA! USA! USA!' in a PITA manner. American patriotism is one of the most annoying things in the world. God what a pain.
 N. Devon to Preston via? - MD
Thanks HM.
 N. Devon to Preston via? - NortonES2
Red squirrels are not so common. Some might like to see the dwindling stock?
 N. Devon to Preston via? - Stuartli
>> Red squirrels are not so common. Some might like to see the dwindling stock?>>

You can also see them by going to the National Trust area at Freshfield a little further north up the road. See:

Formby Point:

(also natterjack toads)

The point being made was that the Anthony Gormley Another Place is much nearer Liverpool (in Crosby) than Formby Point and the National Trust area...:-)

I visit all these areas on a regular basis as they are only 15 to 25 minutes by car from where I live.
 N. Devon to Preston via? - Avant
Yes, I'd go via the A470 and turn off and meander in the area of the Brecon beacons - then stay the night somewhere in mid to north Wales.

To be fair to Preston, there's some lovely countryside in North Lancs, such as the Bowland area. If you have time, go further north, avoid the tourists in the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales and look at the Eden valley - well named Eden in my view.
 N. Devon to Preston via? - MD
I said Preston for a guide. Where we are heading is a little further west along the Ribble.
 N. Devon to Preston via? - tyrednemotional which case, I'd go there via Preston.........
 N. Devon to Preston via? - MD
Good evening TNM. Quite good. I've generally been impressed by your sharp responses as we have a similar sense of humour, but I feel on this occasion you could have done a little better.

Thanks for the advice though 0:-)
 N. Devon to Preston via? - tyrednemotional
...I wish I could say the same.......

 N. Devon to Preston via? - MD
Keep wishing and one day........
 N. Devon to Preston via? - legacylad
Don't go too far west along the Ribble.
Should you head in a north easterly direction with regard to the Ribble please be so good as to inform me. I've just arrived back from Turkey land ( Jet2 on time again).
Advice on eateries, pubs, lesser known but worthwhile sights in upper Ribblesdale, rambles, both long & short, provided by yours truly for chuff all.
By Eck it were ot over there today. Pushing 100 in t'shade. Had to put ice in my lunch.
 N. Devon to Preston via? - MD
Thank you young man.
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