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 CDW Insurance - CGNorwich
I am visiting Canada shortly and propose to hire a car for 14 days. In the past I have always bought the CDW from the car rental company but have purchased excess insurance separately from a UK insurer.

Looking at the following website I see that I can buy combined CDW/Excess cover for £129 which would be considerably cheaper than the CAD29 per day being quoted by the rental companies for CDW alone and I would have the cover available for further hires.

Does anyone else do this and are there any potential problems?
 CDW Insurance - Bill Payer
I don't know if Canada is the same as the US, but there's no damage excess on US car hire. The waiver isn't insurance as such, it literally wiaves your liability to pay for own vehiclke damage.

I've looked at these policies and always chickened out, preferring to book through a UK agent (usually USRentACar) who include everything needed. One issue I've seen is that some rental companies don't accept these policies as valid, and you also might have to pay up front for any damage (which could be the whole value of the car) and then claim it back.
 CDW Insurance - smokie
I agree with Bill. I can imagine in the event of a claim it would be a whole lot easier if you had taken the insurance from the hirer.
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