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 Inverted potholes. - Old Navy
The end of civilisation is upon me, the council have marked the road I live on for speed humps. Sooooo glad there isn't one outside my house. They are a total waste of money, I live on a small newish build estate with short lines of sight and no through routes so speeding is not a problem. the most you could do is about 25mph, but we have been 20'd.
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 Inverted potholes. - -
The untold damage those things do to cars over the years, my venerable MB indy says he spends most of his time repairing and replacing suspensions due to potholes and the upside down ones Navy loves so much.

I wonder if the Ceed might yet become a Santa Fe before delivery takes place?
 Inverted potholes. - BobbyG
ON, are you sure it is speed bumps you are getting?

My estate is similar to yours and what they installed were fake speed bumps.

To the eye it looks raised monobloc that has big 20 signs painted on it but in reality it is coloured tar they put down and stamp it to look like brick.

Has had no effect whatsoever, you can really only do 25 anyway at a push and the car hardly notices the change in surface!
 Inverted potholes. - Old Navy
>> ON are you sure it is speed bumps you are getting?
Yes afraid so, our council uses serious humps, there is one area of the town where the ambulance service will only enter for emergency calls.
 Inverted potholes. - Iffy
No consolation to you, ON, but speed humps have become discredited in some areas.

I know of a couple of streets where they have been installed in the last few years and then removed.

Both times they were replaced with a speed camera.

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