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 Hyundai Matrix - Hyundai Matrix - experience - Auristocrat
Does anyone have any ownership experience of the Hyundai matrix they would like to share? Possibly considering one as a second car (new).
 Hyundai Matrix - Hyundai Matrix - experience - Stuu
Could start here if you havent already.
 Hyundai Matrix - Hyundai Matrix - experience - kb
Hello. I'll be perfectly honest - never driven one. Looked at them in the showroom several years ago and liked the upright (van like) driving position, which won't suit everyone. The seating / storage flexibility was mediocre compared to, say, my Jazz. Most reviews are less than enthusiastic and they've been out a long time and I've seen illustrations of the proposed replacement (very different). The 1500 diesel is old and slow, but probably hasn't got DPF and DMF issues.

More to the point, for me, I wouldn't go for another Hyundai having sold my i10 under a bit of a cloud. I won't be treated like something the cat dragged in by Hyundai. And won't return to a dealer who hasn't the courtesy to call back when, politely, requested, twice, to give me a price for the car he sold me. As it happens I got a phone call this evening from someone saying he was from Hyundai - checking I was happy with my car. Turned out, after questioning, he was from an agency - not Hyundai just trying to sell me Hyundai servicing and products. He was polite and said he would report my observations back to the dealer......more chance of getting struck by lightening.

Others will see things differently - but look around before parting with your readies.
 Hyundai Matrix - Hyundai Matrix - experience - RattleandSmoke
My experience with my local Hyundai dealer wasn't entirely positive. I think the key to Hyundais is the newer models are a lot better than the older ones. The Matrix would have to be very cheap to consider new.

 Hyundai Matrix - Hyundai Matrix - experience - movilogo
Recently I checked Hyundai i30 price at nearby dealer. They are too pricey (even pricier than similar spec sister model Kia Cee'd).

They probably now consider themselves as premium badge :-)
 Hyundai Matrix - Hyundai Matrix - experience - Zero
This is an old car, designed 9 years ago.

You had better make sure you like it, it will loose 50% of its value as soon as it walks out the showroom, and 70% after three years.

Dont even think about spending list price on this.
 Hyundai Matrix - Hyundai Matrix - experience - kb
No NCAP figures seem to be available either. If you're safety minded, look at the NCAP site and compare modelas there.
 Hyundai Matrix - Hyundai Matrix - experience - Stuu
Agree with Zero on this one. I wouldnt buy new at all. Better to buy an 12/18 month old one with 5-15k on the clock. It will still have plenty of the 5 year warranty left but nowhere near the list price.
£6000 for a two year old low miles example is actually pretty good value from a main dealer. Makes alot more sense than £10k for a new one really. Looks like you can get one with demo miles for £7k.
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