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 Floppy disk sizes. - henry k
Eight inch floppy disks ( IIRC 1K) are the largest I have ever used.
They were used on a Wang word processor. No WYSIWYG in those days.:-(
They were really floppy in their thin paper outers.

Were any larger ones ever produced ?
 Floppy disk sizes. - smokie
...and I worked for Wang in those days.

There were many sorts weren't there, e.g. single sided single density and double sided double density? ISTR sizes of 360k and 1.2mb but I think I'm mixing up with 5 1/4 ones.No, I don't think there were any larger, not for "normal" use anyway.
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 Floppy disk sizes. - Zero
Yeah we used 8 inch floppies in big blue extensively.

did you work in the "wang care" division? ;;;;;;)
 Floppy disk sizes. - smokie
Nope, but we did drive Wang cars... :-)

The old ones are the best eh?
 Floppy disk sizes. - Zero
Except the wang care one is true!
 Floppy disk sizes. - smokie
...but only in the US.
 Floppy disk sizes. - Falkirk Bairn
late 70's early 80's - 8" floppies roughly a max 1Mb in capacity - some makes models were much less capacity.

5160/System 23 were just under 1Mb formatted IIRC
DWriter - same disks were 190K - 900K IIRC

5160 although 8" drives was a precursor to the original PC - 5170 was the first PC model#
 Floppy disk sizes. - Zero
the 5150 was the original IBM PC, the 5160 was the XT

the system 24 was the 5322 - an IBM GS (garden sheds) division product,
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