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 How to post a new question in this section - VxFan
Please observe the following when posting a new question to Technical Matters.

1. The category choice is optional. It is up to you whether you choose anything from this part of the drop down menu.

2. The Make/Model choice is compulsory. You MUST choose the Make & Model from the drop down menus.
If your make/model isn't listed then select "Not Listed" from the Make drop down menu.
Include the make/model in the subject header instead. A moderator will edit the post later.

3. The Year of manufacture & Engine Size is also compulsory. You MUST enter the year and engine size in the boxes. It is also advisable to indicate in the main message box whether the engine you're referring to is diesel or petrol.

"Year of manufacture" means just that - the year it was manufactured. So for example if your car is a 53 reg, you enter either 2003 or 2004 in this box, NOT 53! 53 is the registration, NOT the year of manufacturer.

Failure to complete 2 and 3 above will result in a warning message telling you what fields you have left out of what boxes and you will have to fill them in before your post is allowed.

You DON'T need to repeat the make/model, year/engine details in the subject box (unless they're not listed in the drop down menus) as the details you selected or entered in the other boxes will include this information.

If your question is a general one rather than specifically about a make/model, year/engine, then select "General Question" from the Make drop down menu. You will still need to fill in the Year of manufacture and Engine Size boxes but a moderator will edit the post to remove make/model, & year/engine details later.

Hopefully the above information is clear enough for you to be able to post your question.
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