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 Will you get plugged in? - Pat
Is this the future?

Tiny URL....where is it? :)

 Will you get plugged in? - smokie
 Will you get plugged in? - VxFan
>> Tiny URL....where is it? :)

Hi Pat, it's on the list of things yet to be done. However, your link wasn't long enough to require it shortening.
 Will you get plugged in? - Crankcase
That's an interesting one, but as always with electric cars it's the "how do you deal with the range issue" for me. As this scheme covers only certain regions and I'm not in any of them it won't be useful to me.

I like the idea of an electric commute though, although I'd really rather have the option of a cable car, a paraglider or a log flume, all of which would be more interesting, and in Cambridge, we could have had all three for less than the cost of the "currently stalled five year late triple budgeted going to court no opening date yet" guided busway.
 Will you get plugged in? - FotheringtonTomas (which is more to type).
 Will you get plugged in? - FotheringtonTomas
>> Is this the future?

Partly. Nissan/Renalt are the current leaders, by the look.
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