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 HD Video Camera Camcorder etc. - BiggerBadderDave
I know nothing about camcorders, so behind it all that I don't even know what to ask for.

It's my little girl, she wants to spend some of her birthday money. Whatever she records, it has to be Mac and iPhone compatible. That is absolutely crucial. She'd wants to edit her recordings.

The capabilities of the camcorder are not important to her but I want it to be as good as possible within her budget.

She sent me four that she likes:

And ideas, preferences, anything? Again, I've no idea.

I know what she's like though, she's desperate to spend and play with her new toy. I've told her just to hang on for a few hours till the wise men speak.

Much appreciated.

 HD Video Camera Camcorder etc. - Zero
Dave, I have lots of experience of video cameras, and editing on Mac and PC and publishing same to youtube.

Now this may sound snobbish, but all of those cameras you listed are the same - different name slightly different ergonomics different right ups, all with claimed capabilities that dont exist or wildly over exaggerated, but all the same innards.

They are rubbish, really bad, more or less a con job, and your little girl will be severely disappointed - quality will be very poor and editing and transfer difficult.

I have no idea how much money you have to spend, my preference would be to go with a name branded camera from a well known name. Canon, Sony, Panasonic JVC.
Look for optical zoom in 10x or higher and 1080p resolution and have a USB port and record to an sd card

like this.

 HD Video Camera Camcorder etc. - Biggles
Any digital camera will do the job. Camcorders are passé.
 HD Video Camera Camcorder etc. - Zero
Really really not the case. For many reasons.
 HD Video Camera Camcorder etc - martin aston
BBD how old is your "little girl"? Are we talking about a cheap but worthwhile toy or an entry level serious piece of kit?
 HD Video Camera Camcorder etc - bathtub tom
Is it to record you falling off your e-scooter?


 HD Video Camera Camcorder etc - No FM2R
I think you should have gone to Specsavers.
 HD Video Camera Camcorder etc - BiggerBadderDave
The budget was £80 of Amazon vouchers that my old man sent her on her 18th at Christmas.

And she has decided to take Zero's advice and go for a branded camera with optical zoom but second-hand. So thanks for that, top man, I think it's the right thing to do. I'll let you know what she buys. She certainly goes through fads as most kids do but I do want her do it with a decent bit of kit. Especially if it eventually gets passed up to me.

I filmed my kids on camcorders from the day the were born till 4 or 5 years ago and I burnt everything on to dvd (without a Mac). And I'm still one of the 'use it for what it was designed for' people. I like my TomTom. And I'd go for a camcorder if I still wanted family movies. I do have have an SLR that takes movies, but I rarely use that bit.

And that does irritate me, that 'digital zoom' term. It's nothing more than clicking on a magnifying tool in photoshop. Twice the size is a quarter the resolution.

A keep meaning to make a motoring thread about my little girl, she's had a full licence for four months or so and I can't remember driving myself at all since she passed. She loves it. She needs the practise. And I love being driven around by her in a Lexus. It's just a very odd feeling, I can't describe it. They're growing up.
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 HD Video Camera Camcorder etc - bathtub tom
>> I think you should have gone to Specsavers.

Quite correct, should have gone during lockdown, but they weren't open.
 HD Video Camera Camcorder etc - martin aston
I had a quick word with my daughter who is a freelance video producer and she agrees the cheapos would be disappointing. She uses studio kit so doesn’t have her own camera.
Camera aside, depending on what your daughter wants to do, she suggests a portable green screen at about £30 might be worth buying. As an aside she says BBC now often use iPhones rather than cameras for many interviews.
 HD Video Camera Camcorder etc - John Boy
Several movies have now been made using an iPhone. I watched one of them recently and only found out later about the camera. That was by accident, not because I'd found anything wrong with the picture quality.
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