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 Free Video Editing - neiltoo
I have to edit a ZOOM mp4 video to save a 2 minute section out of the middle of a 1 hour recording.
I need something that's easy to use.
Any ideas please?

 Free Video Editing - Crankcase
I use avidemux, which is free and pretty intuitive.
 Free Video Editing - tyrednemotional
If you're on Win10, the pre-installed "Photos" app makes MP4 trimming easy.

Open the MP4 in Photos, click the "pencil" icon at the bottom for editing, select "trim" and drag the white (start and end) "buttons" on the timeline to the start and end of your selection respectively, and then save it.

You can check it's the correct section before saving by pulling the blue button to the start, and playing it.
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 Free Video Editing - neiltoo
Thanks both.

I'm on W8.

Wonder if I candownload Photos?

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 Free Video Editing - neiltoo
No, It's only supported on W10

 Free Video Editing - neiltoo
Just downloaded avidemux and edited the video with just a few false starts.

Many thanks

 Free Video Editing - Crankcase
Phew. After I posted I thought, ooh, hang on, MP4? But luckily yes it does.
 Free Video Editing - neiltoo
It was completely new to me, and not immediately obvious. Finding exact points in a two hour recording took a lot of toing and froing, but was easier once I decided to approximate, and then home in on the first edit.
There's lack of an "execute"command, so you have to go to the edit dropdown for this -which took me a little while to pick up -I wondered what exactly I was going to cut.

I'm unlikely to be using it very often, but it is a useful weapon in the armoury.

Thanks again.
 Free Video Editing - smokie
I've only needed to edit videos once in a very blue moon so each time have to search for a solution but I see I have that program installed too so I suppose that's what I've used successfully. (If something doesn't do it for me, I delete it right away)
 Free Video Editing - No FM2R
I did that Top Gear clip a few days ago. The Windows 10 Photos app also edits videos. And very simple and intuitive it is too.

Though I was only clipping, not actually editing if you see what I mean.
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