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 Ipod Error - BobbyG
Well daughter got new ipod touch last week for her birthday, synched with itunes, everything working fine.

Tonight when connecting she got a message to update software and in process of doing so something has gone wrong so when she connects the touch, it tells her that the touch is in recovery mode and to press ok to continue this or cancel.

So pressing Ok lets it run for a few seconds more and then she gets a message "ipod could not be restored, an unknown error occurred (21).

This seems to refer to some issues possibly with security

but she is only running MSE and even when I disable it I am still getting the same message. Has anyone else experienced this or any words of wisdom for me, I could take time and try and go through the list it gives but to be honest I am not sure what a proxy setting etc is if I met it in the street!

Any help or advice would be appreciated!
 Ipod Error - rtj70
If this is an iPod touch v3 (or whatever they may be called) and recent, is it trying an failing to install the new iOS4? But I always thought operating system updates on the iPod touch were paid for.
 Ipod Error - smokie
No idea about these new fangled iTouch things but the old iPod used to want to be connected directly to mains (via charger) during (or after) firmware upgrade.

Also found this

1. Turn off completely, plug into computer
2. Hold power and home for 10 seconds
3. Let go of power, continue to hold home for 8 seconds
4. Let go, iPod should pop up in iTunes
5. Restore using shift/option click and choosing a 2.2.1 ipsw

No idea what it all means...
 Ipod Error - rtj70
You may need to restore the iPod using iTunes.
 Ipod Error - The Nut
>>but the old iPod used to want
>> to be connected directly to mains (via charger) during (or after) firmware upgrade.

I recently fixed an ipod nano 3g that was stuck in recovery mode, just kept looping and itunes wanted to restore it over and over again by pluging it into a mains charger instead of a pc, seemed to be what broke the cycle.
 Ipod Error - Zero
Ipods and Ifones are real pigs for updating software, being very very fussy about the USB port and the PC. (I have jailbroken and reloaded numerous ipods, often pooing myself in the processing by having an expensive brick in my hands)

Try another USB port, try another PC. (I have a seperate user account called apple on my laptop - for loading new Iphones. - they refuse to load on my home built PC)

And yes, the mains charger bit often works,
 Ipod Error - The Nut
Just to add if you don't have a mains charger some PC's supply power to the USB ports when they have been shutdown, plugging the ipod into this worked the same as a mains charger for me. Look for a PC that has a USB mouse still lit up after the PC has been shut down.
 Ipod Error - BobbyG
OK back home and now time to try all your suggestions.
So re mains charger, just plug it in and see if that fixes it or is there a sequence as mentioned above of pressing buttons?
 Ipod Error - BobbyG
Well the mains charge didn't seem to work so connected it to my PC and it seems to have done the trick through my PC and itunes!

Thank God as, after those suggestions, my computer knowledge was going to be getting pushed to the limit!

Thanks to all for your time.
 Ipod Error - smokie
Can't remember well, but the mains charger bit does do some sort of reset that means it will then work properly next time it's connected. Glad it's Ok anyway.
 Ipod Error - ....
Had a similar problem with my iPhone last weekend.
Every time connected to iTunes got a -20 error during backup. It coincided with changing the time it takes receiving calls and switching to VM.
Stopped all Apple services on the PC, re-installed all Apple software still fault. Ended up doing a full restore of the phone to get it working again as rtj suggests.
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