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 E-BAY, signing in. - maltrap
When i sign in to E-BAY, then click on "sign in" it tells me i've "signed out" when i sign in again it,s ok. It,s been doing this for about a week now, am i doing something wrong or is there something wrong at E-BAY?
Thanks in anticipation.
 E-BAY, signing in. - Bellboy
its you
youve done something
try clearing your cookies and starting again on the e-boy page
 E-BAY, signing in. - The Nut
Whilst looking for a present for my other half I discovered that what the OP described happens when using private browsing, related to cookies I suspect so make sure you clear out the cookies as BB said. Also make sure you are accepting cookies from ebay.
 E-BAY, signing in. - R.P.
E-boy ? ;-0
 E-BAY, signing in. - maltrap
Thanks B B &N B W. As i,m still wet behind the ears when it comes to computer management can you tell me how to delete cookies.
Thanks again.
 E-BAY, signing in. - The Nut
What browser are you using?
 E-BAY, signing in. - maltrap
You,ve bowled me a fast one already!
My computer came with Vista home prewmium. With Internet Explorer 7.
Hope this helps.
 E-BAY, signing in. - Iffy

You could download the Firefox browser, which many people, including me, much prefer to Explorer.

It would give you a fresh start.

And there's no need to worry about bookmarks, Firefox will ask if you want to import them from Explorer.

I'm no computer whizz, and I managed to change easily enough, so it cannot be too hard.
 E-BAY, signing in. - The Nut

Instructions for most browsers there, Internet Explorer 7 is about 3rd down. Hope this helps.

But changing to firefox would be a great idea.
 E-BAY, signing in. - Dog
maltrap me ole son - why not update your puter to IE8,
I've tried other browsers, but gorn back to MS which I prefer.
 E-BAY, signing in. - maltrap
Thanks for all the suggestions, unfortunately i,m going to have to get used to signing in twice!
 E-BAY, signing in. - VxFan
Download ccleaner (free software) and it'll do it for you when you run the relevant option in the menu.

Once run and you've taken a fresh look at your regular websites, go back into ccleaner again and customise it to save the cookies you want to keep to prevent it deleting them again when you next run it.
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 E-BAY, signing in. - FocalPoint
I use Opera to browse wherever possible, and CCleaner every day before shutting down. I thus get rid of all unnecessary stuff on a day-by-day basis. (I also defrag frequently.)

Besides Windows Defender, I run Avast and AdAware. (No problems with compatibility yet.)

Perhaps I'm paranoid about security, but I'd rather have to re-type passwords etc than worry that someone, somewhere, is gathering information about me, my browsing habits and my online buying preferences.
 E-BAY, signing in. - MD
Ditch Fireflops and use SRWare iron. Written by the 'Chrome' guys without the bugs.
 E-BAY, signing in. - maltrap
Thanks again everyone. I think i,ve found a way around the problem i,ve put the E-Bay summary page on the fovourites instead of the E-Bay signing in page! It just shows there is more than one way to skin the old proverbial.
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