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 Landlords and energy bill discount - James Loveless
As a landlord for a single property I charge rent that includes all bills. The rent has remained the same since the start of the current tenancy many years ago.

Today I read this: "Tenants whose bills are included in their rent could miss out on the government's £400 energy rebate because it is paid to their landlord, warn charities.

Housing charity Shelter said this group were 'at the mercy of their landlord passing on this much-needed support'.

An estimated 585,000 households - 13% of private renters - have energy bills included in their rent.

The government said it expected landlords to pass on the discount.

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) also said that where a landlord was acting as an energy reseller, 'they should be passing on the savings to their tenant in line with [the regulator] Ofgem's requirements'."

I fail to see why I should in effect reduce the rent I receive when I have not increased the rent in line with increased energy costs. My role as "reseller" so far has been to subsidise my tenants' consumption of energy. I don't see why I should add to that subsidy.

Comments welcome.
 Landlords and energy bill discount - Manatee
>>Comments welcome.

That occurred to me as well. It just didn't make sense. Surely the logical party to get the payments is the one paying the bill unless they are passing on the increase.
 Landlords and energy bill discount - Fursty Ferret
I think this refers to those tenancies which are sub-metered, not ones where services are included in the rent. The landlord can't make a profit on the rates charged, but equally will receive the discount while the tenants continue to pay the full amount for their electricity used.
 Landlords and energy bill discount - Manatee
It keeps being reported as rents that include bills. Very unclear.
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