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 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - legacylad
Back to Spain soon, hand baggage only this time as the trip is shorter than my usual duration. I checked the allowable Jet2 dimensions and my ‘normal’ bag, a great quality Haglofs bought a decade ago when I worked in the outdoor gear industry, is considerably undersized.

A late Sunday afternoon drive to Boundary Mill didn’t result in a purchase, so a quick google of reviews and order placed early Sunday evening. Expected delivery Thursday. Email this lunchtime with delivery today....duly arrived within 24 hours. Free delivery, not Prime.
I’m seriously impressed, especially on a Bank Holiday weekend.

Unsurprisingly the new cabin bag cost more than the return flights
 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - Duncan
OK. New bag. Great.

Make? Model? Price? Link to Amazon listing?

Picture of you strolling through the terminal carrying said bag?
 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - legacylad
Product irrelevant...shouldn’t have mentioned it.

I was just very surprised at sub 24 hours from the time of ordering to delivery, especially it being a BH weekend. Didn’t realise that Amazon delivery people worked Bank Holidays...but then I rarely buy stuff online, probably only 3 or 4 times a year.
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 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - Timeonmyhands
Ordered a central heating pump from Amazon on a Sunday morning in January, free delivery that evening.
 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - Duncan
>> Ordered a central heating pump from Amazon on a Sunday morning in January, free delivery
>> that evening.

Define "free".
 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - Timeonmyhands

>> Define "free".
I have Amazon Prime which would have provided normal next day delivery at no extra charge, but there was a button to “press” for delivery today which equated to he same cost.
Couldn’t get a pump from Screwfix, none in stock.
 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - bathtub tom
>> Couldn’t get a pump from Screwfix, none in stock.

There's no end of hardware 'unavailable'. Not a Worcester/Bosch boiler to had anywhere (chips apparently). I seem to have got the last available Ideal locally.

Trying to find a suitable batten light for the kitchen, but having no luck so far.
 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - Manatee
They are almost too good. No wonder the roads are clogged with vans. I want to put some blinds up and I need some tile drills. Ordered yesterday, will come today.

I try to group stuff by having an Amazon delivery day but it often happens that I want something asap and in this case it's only £10 worth. I could have cycled down to the hardware shop in Tring but of course it was a bank holiday, and they might not have had any.

The usual conundrum applies - as with supermarkets, when a significant number of people use them then the alternatives reduce. We're lucky to have two hardware shops near. Amazon had become my first choice, and I've been changing that recently but it's almost certainly too late.

I bought a couple of carry-ons from Boundary Mill after the fire as it happens. Suitcases were in the loft of course and there was no trace of them afterwards.
 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - Crankcase

>> I could
>> have cycled down to the hardware shop in Tring but of course it was a
>> bank holiday, and they might not have had any.

You could have let your fingers do the walking. Though these days the nice man in the hardware shop has outsourced the phone to Capita. "If you know the diameter of the plug you need, press 2. You have selected ballcocks."
 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - neiltoo
Our Amazon deliveries have speeded up. There's a new distribution centre at Kingsway Business park, Rochdale, by M62 J21.
 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - legacylad
I’m out in the countryside, rural N Yorkshire, and because my Amazon purchases are very infrequent I was expecting at least 4 working days delivery....even 3 to Thursday was impressive service.

Talking of service I had to buy a new external handrail for my mum. The Builders Merchant in Skipton ( a 30 minute drive) is exceptionally good. It’s a large place, friendly knowledgeable staff, checked a few 2.4m handrails to make sure I got a straight one.
Very different to my local B Merchant ( the only game in town) who are far more expensive with certain staff who don’t give a monkeys and miserable with it.

Duncan. My new cabin bag is an Eastman Tranverz 2 wheeler. Plenty of space (42L) for a 3 week trip and all my luxuries.
 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - Manatee
Eastpak? A known brand, daughter's had some stuff from them. not cheap and cheerful but usually sturdy and well designed.
 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - legacylad
Certainly not cheap, but by maximising the allowable bag size it saves on paying extra for hold baggage with the Low Cost Carriers.
Not sure I could get 6 weeks long stay winter gear in it...Trail shoes, full waterproofs, cold weather mountain clothing but my experience, especially with the fair sex, is that of you have a hold bag it invariably gets filled to capacity.
And then some.
 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - Stuartli
Apart from the remarkable logistics required in order to accomplish different daily delivery rounds, often with a three-figure number of "drops", Amazon through its Prime service (superb value for money all round) offers me next day delivery even of items that cost only two or three pounds.
 Amazon ‘cabin bag’ delivery - Ted

I bought 30 15mm copper saddle clips last night. Found one ad, £5 ish for 1 to 2 months !

Scrolled down...ten for £2.50.....coming tomorrow. Beats driving anywhere or waiting at Screwfix, which is a short walk away !

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