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 Apache's - Something up? - Zero
Two Army A64 Apache choppers, looking like having fully loaded missile booms, just flown low and fast over my place headed south east towards gatwick. Flight radar says its Gunship 1 and gunship 2 callsigns.
 Apache's - Something up? - zippy
A few years ago I was visiting a client in Bracknell (somewhere round there) and two Chinooks flew past very low and very fast.

The guy I was visiting said “That’ll be for trouble in Town.”

He was right, it was one of the terrorist attacks in London.

I guess they go on standby in case an incident escalates beyond the capacity of the Met to deal with.

 Apache's - Something up? - zippy
Missed the edit…

The Apaches seem to have originated from Gloucester Airport and picked up the M3 then

They’re just east of Guildford at the moment so I guess they’re after Insulate Britain protesters! :-)
 Apache's - Something up? - Zero

>> They’re just east of Guildford at the moment so I guess they’re after Insulate Britain
>> protesters! :-)
Excelent, I'l look for the hellfire missile explosions and the sound of the 30mm chain gun.
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 Apache's - Something up? - Falkirk Bairn
Just before the Gulf War 2 American Warthogs flew low & fast over me as I drove towards Inverness.

Nearly caused heart attack
 Apache's - Something up? - zippy
Flight of F111s taking off in 1980s when I was visiting a USAF airbase for work.

The person I was with invited me to an on base viewing spot.

They sound was so massive it took over all senses. Indescribable. Even with ear protection.
 Apache's - Something up? - smokie
I did some server work at Dunsfold (I think) back in the 1990s or 200s. In a temporary nissan hut type thing IIRC, outside which they were testing and measuring the ascent, descent andhovering capability of a vertical take off jet. All b***** day!
 Apache's - Something up? - sooty123
One whole day eh ;-)
 Apache's - Something up? - stan10
" .. visiting a client in Bracknell (somewhere round there) and two Chinooks flew past ..."

" .. 2 American Warthogs flew low & fast over me .."

I often used the M3 between Bracknell and Basingstoke in the past, Chinooks were a common sight overhead, usually in pairs, - thumping great (and distinctive) engine noise.

Memory fades, but i remember taking a Pseudo Rally (road) car to the East of the country (Norfolk ?) for a suspension upgrade (boy racer days !)

There must have been an American airbase somewhere near because driving home after picking up my car i saw two A10's in the near distance - wow - i parked up and watched them approach landing - always interested in military aircraft i knew the capability of these things, and just the sight of them made my blood run cold, imagining being on the receiving end of their
firepower, they looked invincible.

Probably like looking Mike Tyson in the eyes !
 Apache's - Something up? - tyrednemotional
...better circle your wagon(s).....
 Apache's - Something up? - R.P.
Down the valley (where we were before) was a sort of a route out of the Mach Loop, so all kinds of flyin ironmongery went past, either a noise and a signature on Flightradar or in full view, the most awesome was an Osprey at 500 feet, 8 miles up the road, we see or hear very little.
 Apache's - Something up? - No FM2R
Surprised nobody mentioned the apostrophe.
 Apache's - Something up? - Clk Sec
>> Surprised nobody mentioned the apostrophe.

Duncan must be on another of his holiday's.
 Apache's - Something up? - No FM2R
That must of been it.
 Apache's - Something up? - Zero
You are a bit slow, you could of, no, should of mentioned it much earlier.
 Apache's - Something up? - Duncan
Holiday? Whats that. We never tyre in our strive for perfection.

Was it a missing, or a greengrocers apostrophe. We work twice as hard for greengrocer's.
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