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 As Seen on TV - Volume 23 - VxFan

A place to discuss what's on TV that might be of interest to others. (exc. Top Gear, F1, for example - which have threads of their own)


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 Clarkson's Farm - No FM2R
I think I'm really going to enjoy this.....
 Clarkson's Farm - No FM2R
And I really did enjoy it.

But only watch it if you like Clarkson and his humour, little point if you don't.
 Clarkson's Farm - VxFan
When I get 5 mins, I intend giving it a ganders.
 Clarkson's Farm - Zero
>> And I really did enjoy it.
>> But only watch it if you like Clarkson and his humour, little point if you
>> don't.

Watched the first, yes it hits the spot. I knew what was coming Its been covered in his Sunday Times column. Enjoyed it.
 Clarkson's Farm - No FM2R
I've watched all the episodes now.

Best television I have watched in a very long time, full of genuine people interacting as they try to help Clarkson through his first year of farming.

Kaleb is my hero.

I do hope there's a second season.
 Clarkson's Farm - Manatee
I've been watching it with herself, who has never been a Clarkson fan but loves it. The ridiculous farm shop thing with the potatoes was very 'Top Gear' but I've been enjoying it too.
 Clarkson's Farm - Bobby
Haven't watched it yet but intend to. Talking of farming, I know I have posted youtube videos from Harry Metcalfe (Harryevo) before on here re car reviews etc but he also has a fully working farm and has a separate channel that covers farming videos.

It may just be his presentation style but although I have no real interest in farming, I really enjoy watching his videos and get better understanding of the challenges / decisions / strategies the farmer have.

Harry's garage
Harry's farm

 Clarkson's Farm - sooty123
Got amazon prime for 7 days to watch this, looking forward to it.
 Clarkson's Farm - No FM2R
Did you watch it Sooty? What did you think?

In an idle moment I just re-watched the final episode. I found the last 5 minutes or so quite touching.
 Clarkson's Farm - smokie
We've binged it over a few nights, saw the last last night too. I'm not usually much of a Clarkson fan, and SWMBO certainly isn't, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. And it gave a good insight to the amount of work that farmers have to get done, and how things conspire to stop them doing it.
 Clarkson's Farm - sooty123
Yes I did watch, I thought it was excellent. Really enjoyed it. Water cooler TV as they say.
 Clarkson's Farm - R.P.
Finally got around to watching it - binged over two evenings, I dislike the persona that Clarkson put over on TG, but I know that he can be very good (watched his Raid on St Nizaire documentary the other week, he and it were excellent). The Farm didn't disappoint, really educational in a way. My annual pilgramge to Oxford is on for next week, it would have been rude not to stop at the farm shop...but there are mega queues there this week, so will avoid.

 Clarkson's Farm - VxFan
>> it would have been rude not to stop at the farm shop...but there are mega queues there this week, so will avoid.

There are queues for Diddly Squat all the time.
 Clarkson's Farm - sooty123
Anything worth queuing for?
 Clarkson's Farm - Zero

>> I do hope there's a second season.

There is.

Funny how right at the end of the last episode, Gerald suddenly became understandable.
 Extra Life - a Short History of Living Longer - Duncan
A series of 4 one hour long documentaries on the extending of expectation of life.

I have watched 2, with 2 to go. Fascinating stuff.
 Extra Life - a Short History of Living Longer - tyrednemotional
...let's hope you manage to catch the next two..... ;-)
 Start Up - No FM2R
A little slow for the first couple of episodes but fundamentally very good. Not, as it happens, my sort of thing. But that to one side, really very good and certainly recommended.

Martin Freeman is becoming quite the power behind these things. Crap accent though.
 Wetherspoons - How Do They Do It? - Duncan
Well, you will just have to get it on catch up!
 Wetherspoons - How Do They Do It? - No FM2R
 Bosch - Zero
Has ended on Prime, Just watched the last episode of the last ever season 7. It got flat in the middles seasons, but by and large, fine fine TV in every department, with a real WOW ending.
 World War Z - No FM2R
Not normally my sort of thing (viruses and zombies) , and certainly not new.

I really enjoyed it though.

And at least it explains what happened to Smurf and Fluffy.
 World War Z - zippy
The first few minutes of WWZ (the bit in the traffic jam) was filmed in Glasgow. If you look closely you can see the UK road signs covered with US ones. There is a UK fire hydrant sign on a wall as well.
 Vigil. BBC - Zero
Ok parts of the plot and sets are stolen from the Hunt for Red October and Crimson Tide, the basic premise that a Police Scotland detective would be allowed on board a Vanguard class submarine while on operations is doubtful, but its certainly gripping suspenseful drama with plot twists as befits the production crew who put Line of Duty together. Its good TV.
 Vigil. BBC - Bobby
As my want with these types of productions, I have the TiVo set to record them all and then I will watch it all in one go.
Mind you, I couldn’t avoid the spoilers today!!!
 Vigil. BBC - Runfer D'Hills
I don't trust Morse.
 Vigil. BBC - Zero
No he drives a Jag, hes a cad,
 Vigil. BBC - Kevin
>No he drives a Jag, hes a cad,

Blah! Phooey! as Snoopy once said.

I think any Jaguar owner would take that as a compliment coming from someone who pulls a shedling with a beige estate car*.

* Probably with "National Trust", "Show Dogs in Transit" and "I Love Mablethorpe" stickers in the rear window.
 Vigil. BBC - Zero

>> * Probably with "National Trust", "Show Dogs in Transit" and "I Love Mablethorpe" stickers in
>> the rear window.

Wrong. Caravan Club Sticker, National Trust, & "WORKING dogs in transit"
 Vigil. BBC - tyrednemotional
...."My other shed's an Airstream"....
 Vigil. BBC - Zero
>> ...."My other shed's an Airstream"....

Live Riveted
 Vigil. BBC - tyrednemotional
>> I don't trust Morse.
>> that a coded message...?
 Vigil. BBC - Zero
... .... ..- - / - .... . / ..-. ..- -.-. -.- / ..- .--.
 Vigil. BBC - tyrednemotional
...sorry, must dash...
 Blake's 7 - bathtub tom
Forces TV, 14/9/2021.

It's back, the dodgy sets of Crossroads quality and the deliciously evil Servalan. I've set the PVR to record them all.
 Blake's 7 - Dog
Fanx bathtub - one of my faves, along with the Martian Chronicles.

 Blake's 7 - zippy
Caught E1 and 2 this morning.

The story line is far darker than I remember!

The sets have a wobble all of their own.
 Blake's 7 - R.P.
Loved it.
 9/11: Life Under Attack - Robin O'Reliant
Still available in ITV Player, Last nights program on he 9/11 attacks.

This is shown in real time, no narration and all the footage is from public and emergency service cameras. It is the most chilling and riveting thing I can remember seeing, watching it unfold interspersed with radio messages from the planes themselves and Air traffic Control including a cabin crew member on the first jet calling ATC to report a knife injury to someone on board and the door to the cockpit being locked, followed by the voice of a hijacker telling everyone to stay calm and it would be alright.

The ground level shot where one of the towers collapses is enough to make your blood run cold, watching the huge cloud of dust race up the street covering everything and everybody in it's way, and the sickening thuds from just out of camera shot where people who jumped out of the top floors of the towers hit the ground.

Not for the faint hearted, it makes you realise the horrors the people there must have gone through/
 9/11: Life Under Attack - smokie
Missed it but it's on again on 13th (ITV, 22:45) so I've set the recorder
 9/11: Life Under Attack - Duncan
>> Missed it but it's on again on 13th (ITV, 22:45) so I've set the recorder

If you have one of those computer thing devices, you can get it now. Or have I missed the point again?
 9/11: Life Under Attack - smokie
You are right but when I don't want it "now" I usually set the TiVo to catch things when I can, as it keeps it nicely organised and things don't get forgotten.
 9/11: Life Under Attack - VxFan
>> If you have one of those computer thing devices, you can get it now. Or
>> have I missed the point again?

The trouble with the online services that ITV, Ch4, Ch5 etc offer is that you're forced to sit through umpteen adverts, unless you subscribe to their services (i.e. pay money).

At least with recording it on Ketchup TV, you can skip through the adverts.
 9/11: Life Under Attack - Robin O'Reliant
Showing again tomorrow (Saturday), 9pm More4.
 Tennis - US Open on Amazon Prime - Manatee
Herself watches tennis avidly. The coverage is rather good. We've been following Emma Raducanu who, incredibly, will be in the final tomorrow evening at 9pm UK time. The earlier matches, including the semi-final against Greece's Maria Sakkari, are on Replay.

Raducanu has already set a record by being the only qualifier ever to reach a Grand Slam final. And she hasn't even dropped a set yet.
 Tennis - US Open on Amazon Prime - Robin O'Reliant
God help her when the tabloids decide they've milked all they can from her success and turn on her when they think delving into her personal life will sell more copies. I hope she has good advice and a thick skin.
 Tennis - US Open on Amazon Prime - Zero
Its a remarkable story, there is bound to be a film.
 Tennis - US Open on Amazon Prime - helicopter
I too am an avid tennis watcher.Raducanu is the complete article IMO.

Ŕeally pleased that I watched her match against Sakkari live ( in bed with my ipad) from 2.30 am to 5.30 am so I was feeling a bit tired today.

Raducanu not only beat Sakkari but destroyed her ...
as she has done with all her previous competition these last three weeks including Bencic , the Olympic gold medallist.

Watched the end of the other semi final as well and have a sneaky suspicion that Raducanu could even go on to win the final against Leylah Fernandes.Emma has all the necessary attributes to do it .

Their only previous meeting was in the Wimbledon juniors when Raducanu won.

I shall be definitely watching tomorrow evening and cheering her on.If she wins she will be a shoo in for Sports Personality of the year.
 Cleaner - bathtub tom
BBC1, Friday nights, 9:30pm.

Just seen the first one, described as gory, adult humour - sums it up perfectly. SWMBO and I looked at each other askance before laughing. Available on BBC I-player.
 Cleaner - Robin O'Reliant
Brilliant show.
 Cleaner - R.P.
Didn't enjoy it personally, (Man Down was superb) may re-visit it if reviews here are good !
 Schumacher documentary - Bobby
Is now live on Netflix. I’ll maybe get to it over the weekend
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