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 Possible card fraud? - MJW1994
Had a small package turn up today addressed to me. It’s a part of a car, a piece of plastic trim.

It is not something I have ordered, it is a company I have never dealt with before. This has caused me to panic because I immediately suspect credit card fraud.

The company in question looks like a one-man band, running an ebay shop. I won't mention them on here but I phoned the bloke up on his mobile (the business card was in the package), he was very polite but was not in the office and said I should raise the query with ebay.

The thing is although I once had an ebay account, I never used it and about a year ago I closed it down. I never closed the Paypal account down but there’s never been any money put in it. In fact I have this evening closed the Paypal account down as well.

I have two credit card and three bank accounts, I have looked on-line and also phoned up their Call Centres and there is no suspicious activity on anything. The parcel arrived only today Second class, the man at the parts company said the order would have gone through Monday or Tuesday but nothing has shown up yet.

Obviously I will keep an eye on my accounts but this all seems very strange. If someone had wanted to clone my card then why would they order parts to be delivered to me?

I am thinking there has been some computer problem, maybe ebay still have my name and address buried in their system even though my account has been deleted for over a year. But my Paypal account never had any money in it.

Can anyone suggest anything as I’m worried about it all.


 Possible card fraud? - rtj70
>> Paypal account down but there’s never been any money put in it. I

If linked to a bank/credit card, the card is charged by Paypal for purchases. Nothing is paid into the pay pall account.
 Possible card fraud? - MJW1994
The (now deleted) Paypal account was not linked to any card, only to a Natwest account with no overdraft. I set it up just for internet shopping and don't ever have much money in it.
 Possible card fraud? - Stuartli
I've never had to have money in my PayPal account in order to purchase items. I merely use the card details as and when necessary. In fact I prefer to use a direct link to my bank's accreditation rather than PayPal as it seems, to me at least, to be better for the seller. Unless someone can tell me different....:-)
 Possible card fraud? - Roger.
The only benefit of Paypal is that one's bank or CC details do not have to be given out to unknown sellers.
 Possible card fraud? - madf
If it's Paypal fraud you should get an email from Paypal itemising the transaction.

That is how I found some Liverpool low life had stolen $400 for my account via Paypal.

(Paypal - when told - suspended my Account and refunded the money after 6 days)...
 Possible card fraud? - MJW1994
I can't work out what's going on and neither can anyone I speak to, friends etc.

I have checked my two credit cards and three bank accounts again today and nothing is showing up.

I tried phoning ebay but got fed up sitting in the queue and in anycase I don't know that's how the order was placed. Hopefully the company will know, I have emailed them.

I hope to see something on one of my accounts and then I've got something positive to work on. In the meantime I have emptied the account that was linked to my now deleted Paypal account. It has no overdraft facility so no-one can spend anything, if that's how it happened.
 Possible card fraud? - Ambo
Debits in favour of vendors sometimes show up late. I get printer inks from Canon direct and it generally takes a week between doorstep delivery and debit.

I have had two false messages allegedly from PayPal in recent months, on the lines of "Miss Saunders has received goods from you valued at £48.23", with an invitation to check my account at a URL, which I declined. I raised the first with PayPal via my Favorites link and they confirmed it was an attempted fraud. I ignored the second and there has not been any attempted debit from either.
 Possible card fraud? - MJW1994
I'm checking my accounts daily but nothing suspicious has appeared yet. I wish it would, then I've got something to act on.

In the meantime I have deleted my Paypal account and the bank account that is linked to it has been emptied by me, all but £1. There is no overdraft facility on this bank account, it is a special one I set up just for on-line transactions.
 Possible card fraud? - MJM
A friend had a parcel delivered to his house, correctly addressed to him. He had ordered nothing. When he opened it, it contained three cameras costing about £500 each. A few hours later two people arrived asking him if he had had a parcel delivered in error that should have gone to them. He used to be an officer in the prison service and was well used to dodgy dealings of one sort or another. He replied quite truthfully that he hadn’t and they retired empty handed. He had a pretty good idea of where they lived and informed the relevant authorities. He contacted the company that had supplied the cameras and explained to them what had happened. Non of his credit cards or bank accounts were involved.
I don’t know the outcome of the tale but yours could be a similar trial operation.

I live about 20 miles north of Bristol so it may be a west country scam :)
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