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 Mallorca Car Hire - maltrap
We’re off to Mallorca in October (hopefully) can anyone recommend a budget car hire company,
The main players seem far too expensive.
 Mallorca Car Hire - smokie
The one LL put me onto is always cheap for Portugal and, I think, Spain.

However rental costs seem really high for next spring for some reason. They do very quite a bit on that site so it's worth making sure you book with free cancellation.

And if you are going for a number of weeks it is worth trying alternative ways if you can be bothered - e.g. for a four week hol try two two weeks rather than a whole block. Sometimes saves quite a bit.

And of courser their excess insurance is diabolically expensive so get your own before you go. I've used and one year had to claim (about £500) and it went well.
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 Mallorca Car Hire - legacylad
Pal of mine flew out to Mallorca this AM and collected a hire car. I’m not sure how long he’s away for but on his return I’ll find out and post here.

Another pal flew to Malaga, same airport, LBA, within 30 minutes of his flight.
Both reported that transit both ends ‘was a doddle’.

I imagine they’re enjoying better weather than the current ongoing thunderstorm here in the Dales.

Agree with everything smokie says, but the days of €15/20 car hire for two weeks are long gone. On my previous 8/12 week trips I changed the car every two weeks....sometimes they let me keep the same car, just a new contract.
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