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 Buying a new car.. again - DeeW
Hello all, logging in again after a long gap great to see so many names I know and see excellent discussions on all topics.
Am once again looking for a new (to me) car. Have been being relatively sensible but suddenly thought, this is probably the last time I can buy for fun rather just useful. Not a great budget, up to £15k if sensible, slightly more if really lustworthy. Would need to be automatic or even electric. What would you look at… not necessarily for me, but what would you like?
My change is due to a non-motoring accident, so now need automatic sadly.I can still, after a lot of practising, get in and out of the Morgan roadster my friend drives but not actually drive it. Need 4/5 seater.
 Buying a new car.. again - Zero
 Buying a new car.. again - legacylad
On that budget, a low mileage 535 Touring. If you don’t cover many miles. Fine engine, practical and less than 10 yo.
Z will find you one !
 Buying a new car.. again - DeeW
Ah… have looked at these.. daughter and husband have just swopped their Z4 for one. His latest midlife crisis is a Waszp hydrofoil boat, rather than a sports car!
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