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 Biggest Seller in June? - Falkirk Bairn
Fiesta - No
Corsa - No
Golf - No
Astra - No
Focus - No

The biggest seller was Tesla 3
 Biggest Seller in June? - smokie
Were volumes low?

I find it surprising how many people have about £40k to spend on a car, especially at a time when most peoples mileage will be quite a bit lower than normal.

I am personally pleased to see a shift towards greener motoring.
 Biggest Seller in June? - zippy
Company car leases perhaps. BIK is significantly lower on one of these at the moment.

One of my colleagues has one. He can't finance his own car at the moment so is sticking with the company car option.

Extended range model.

It's a £300 a month contribution on salary sacrifice but the contribution and the BIK is lower than the BIK alone on his last BMW and apparently the Tesla leaves it standing performance wise.

He did mention that the fit and trim were not so good and the leather seat material appears to be too thin.
 Biggest Seller in June? - Falkirk Bairn

Friend of a son has one - BIK is under £4.00 per month on a £40K+ car
There is a foc charge point at workplace - so cost of private motoring is next to zero for 10k miles per year
 Biggest Seller in June? - Bill Payer
No idea how many are going for it but it's apparantly a good deal through the NHS salary sacrifice scheme.
 Biggest Seller in June? - Lygonos

BEV sales nearly 11% in June.

 Biggest Seller in June? - Netsur
That will grow when some really good EVs come to the market, like the Hyundai Ionic 5 and Kia EV 6. They have top notch charging speeds and decent range so are getting close to real world ICE vehicle practicality.

I will be ordering one of these shortly. The equivalent sized European models are very half hearted in comparison. Slow charging unless you buy a top of the range model, no frunks which makes a mockery of rear engine RWD cars, design not really moving on. The Mercedes and Audi models are just clones of existing ICE models which negates all the advantages of no engine up front.

No surprise Tesla is storming ahead. Interesting designs, dedicated chargers, stupendous performance and good range. I prefer to sit a little higher and have a more practical interior. But I would never criticise someone who bought a T3 over any European EV.
 Biggest Seller in June? - sooty123
no frunks which makes a mockery of rear engine RWD cars,

What's a frunk?
 Biggest Seller in June? - Lygonos
A frunk is a "front trunk" space under the bonnet.

MG must be making a push into Israel, Netsur, as there's a few Israelis on the MG EV facebook page - one posted a pic of his efficiency measured after a drive to the Dead Sea showing the battery fuller than when he had set off.

ZS EV is a good value machine - no frunk but it is FWD, ~160* mile range and has a full-size and well-shaped boot. Not sure if MG5 (Focus sized estate) is available there but has ~200* mile range for similar money (deals start around £21k in UK).

* subtract 25% for crappy winter range.
 Biggest Seller in June? - sherlock47
>>>a drive to the Dead Sea showing the battery fuller than when he had set off.<<<

I have a hazy memory that the Dead Sea is below 'sea-level' - is his negative consumption a result of long downhill journey?
 Biggest Seller in June? - hawkeye
About 1400 feet below sea level if my old atlas is to be believed!
 Biggest Seller in June? - Netsur
>> >>>a drive to the Dead Sea showing the battery fuller than when he had set
>> off.<<<
>> I have a hazy memory that the Dead Sea is below 'sea-level' - is his
>> negative consumption a result of long downhill journey?

I would have thought so. It's 410m below sea level, read the sign on the bar I sat at during Easter 2018.

Israel of course developed the Better Place brand of Renaults with swappable batteries. Probably about six years too early for the market and it failed. Now it would be flying out of the showrooms as range anxiety would be reduced to almost zero, even for the most nervous of drivers.
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 Biggest Seller in June? - Lygonos
Tesla junked the idea 6 or 7 years ago - pretty impractical when you can recharge 300 miles of range in 30 minutes.

Consider the storage, off-car recharging, and capital cost of 1000s of kWh of battery.

Nio are still working on it in China I believe.
 Biggest Seller in June? - Zero
Battery swapping is not a solution for a number of reasons which is why it went no further
 Biggest Seller in June? - Dave_
>> MG must be making a push into Israel

I believe they are, we've sent a few Pimlico Blue (EV only colour) touch-up paints over there in the last few weeks. It's one of the first things new MG owners buy, along with mats and load liners. After about a year it's usually door mirror covers/indicator repeaters.
 Biggest Seller in June? - bathtub tom
>>door mirror

At last, someone gets it right!
 Biggest Seller in June? - Runfer D'Hills
Could we maybe talk about something else?
If that’s ok?
 Biggest Seller in June? - VxFan
If this is a serious issue for you, then we'll get someone to look into it.

On reflection though, don't hold your breath.
 Biggest Seller in June? - zippy
You're on a wing and a prayer there!
 Biggest Seller in June? - Zero
bit wide of the mark
 Biggest Seller in June? - Clk Sec
Bet he's glad about that...
 Biggest Seller in June? - Robin O'Reliant
I 'spose we can't help looking back.
 Biggest Seller in June? - Netsur
If you see the battle scars on most if not all Israeli cars, Runfer's slight mirror problem is less than a problem and more an opportunity. If an experienced tourist arriving at Tel Aviv airport is given a new rental car, they immediately demand a downgrade as that is likely to have four scraped sides.

They once tried to scam a whole new bumper onto me, but I had taken photos of the road rash visible on a two year old car as soon as I got out of the airport and got away with it. How they could know which scrape was mine was beyond me.
 Biggest Seller in June? - zippy
For some reason I am getting an awful lot of add on the site for door mirrors or door mirror repair kits.

I wouldn't mind but they just aren't the same as the ads that appear for Victoria Secrets :-)
 Biggest Seller in June? - VxFan
Not getting any of those ads at all. They must be in my blind spot.
 Biggest Seller in June? - Netsur
Victoria's Secrets are no longer the exciting firm they once were. They now make use of the following lady as an ambassador: -

Not exactly Gisele Bundchen is she?

So, door mirrors are probably the most exciting thing in your life from now on...
 Biggest Seller in June? - R.P.
We see an awful lot of them around here, so I'm not surprised. There's two in our street (along with a Ferrari at the same address)
 Biggest Seller in June? - Manatee
They remind me of margarine tubs, like something Reliant might have made. I wouldn't have one - except of course as a free company car.

It's criminal that the rest of us are subidising such a generous tax break for the users.
 Biggest Seller in June? - Lygonos
Similar picture in France with both EV adoption, and Model 3 steaming ahead in sales.
 Biggest Seller in June? - PeterS
Perhaps because it wasn’t on last year or perhaps because of the rate of progress in mass market EVs in taking market share, but the focus on them at Festival of Speed is markedly more apparent than it was when I was there in 2019. A whole area called Electric Avenue, and BMW had an electric boulevard in the stables are. FoS itself was a very pleasant experience, busy, but the usual good natured crowd, lots to see and some interesting kit. Some notable absences on the manufacturer front with VAG and Mercedes not there, but still plenty to see
 Biggest Seller in June? - Boxsterboy

>> The biggest seller was Tesla 3

Tesla sale tend to be cyclical, depending on when deliveries arrive on the boat from the US. This is also seen in the French sales figures below.
 Biggest Seller in June? - Lygonos

July car sales (and YTD)

Hybrid/PHEV/EV nearly 30% of sales

At the 'affordable' end of the EV market MG have increased the battery of their MG5 small estate car to 61kWh (~250 summer miles range) and added the 'autopilot'/ACC stuff from the ZS.

Under MG's Affinity scheme it is £22,699 in base spec (metallic paint inc), £24,577 if you must have heated plastic seats, roof rails, and parking camera.

I suppose it's an EV equivalent of Zeddo's old Lancer estate.
 Biggest Seller in June? - smokie
Please do not feed the dinosaurs! :-)

Actually my neighbour recently did his first long run in his electric Kia eNiro. He's new to EVs and EV route planning. He had mixed success with en route charging, such that eventually he was absolutely fine with it but his wife said never again (with a smile!) He said even using public charging the journey cost him well under half the petrol cost. As for the car....
 Biggest Seller in June? - Lygonos
Must have been a 'proper' long run as eNiro can do 250+ miles on a charge.

Despite having owned an EV for over 4 years I still take the Honda for anything beyond its range.

Rumour has it that MG are going to be unveiling an uprated ZS in Sep/Oct with a 71kWh battery.

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 Biggest Seller in September? - Lygonos
And again in September - over 6,000 Model 3s.

Figures no doubt somewhat flattering as Tesla tend to deliver more at the end of each quarter.

Here's the latest sales-by-fuel-type charts:

Pure EVs 15% of sales.
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 Biggest Seller in September? - Manatee
Model 3's are certainly not a rare sight round here. To me they have that margarine tub look, especially in white.
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 Biggest Seller in September? - Lygonos
Looks are a bit polarising, not unlike the jelly mould Sierra post-Cortina.

Looks good to me.
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 Biggest Seller in September? - Boxsterboy
Yes, Tesla Model 3 sales spike as the boats land - they have been the best selling car on individual months but do not feature in the top 10 year to date. I suspect we may see a similar profile in MGs EV sales?
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 Biggest Seller in September? - Lygonos
>>I suspect we may see a similar profile in MGs EV sales?

Difficult to know MG don't do a 'per car' release, though somewhere between a third and a half of all sales are electric according to the sales director - sales since Jan of all MGs are over 20,000 according to a press release last month - in 2020 they sold just over 18,000 for the full Jan-Dec (which itself was 65% more than the previous 12 months).

They're expecting 30k sales this year and targetting 40k next year.

I wouldn't bet against them.
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