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25 years ago I had a Volvo 240 estate from new. At the first service, 12months (12k )they insisted that they had replaced track rod ends due to excessive wear. Naive as I was, I argued but got nowhere. 'Not a defective item' -I heard just about every reason from 'you must be making excessive use of the PAS' to 'do you always turn into the drive the same way'. The replacement items (or originals?) lasted more than 100k! Case proven, but a bit late.
They tried it on the following year with having replaced the rear disc pads, but failed to notice the endorsement I had made on the service 'booking in sheet' of 'no additional work without express written permission'. Result - not charged, but i have adopted the same strategy for any garage work (altho rare) since. I cannot remember exactly, but I think that the those pads lasted about 100k.

No wonder they went out of business.
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