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 Recommendations for a smart light switch via Alexa - VxFan
>> What you want is one of these, as I'm sure alluded to above somewhere

That is one possibility, but the light switch in question is right in the corner of the kitchen, and I'm not sure if a PIR would detect reliably. eg, coming into the kitchen from the hallway, the light switch is on the RH wall and might not detect movement early enough to put the light on.

>> It's a bungalow? So you can get to the wiring in the loft OK?

Yes and no. Loft is partially boarded, and also full of junk, like most lofts. Many years ago I tried dropping another 1.5mm twin and earth wire down the inner wall to the light switch so that I could fit a 2 gang switch. One switch for the kitchen light, and another switch for an outside light. Whoever channelled the wall out for the existing wiring didn't leave provision for further wiring to be added. That's why I thought of using a smart light switch that doesn't need a neutral feed.
I could put another switch by the hallway door, and run some trunking down the wall to it and then connect to the other switch via the strapper method, but have to be very careful not to upset the landlord with "unauthorised" modifications. Too costly to ask the landlord to get a sparky in to do it. Not to mention the tenancy agreement says that the tenant isn't even supposed to change a light bulb!
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