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 Brown trouser moment - helicopter
Coming off M25 today going onto A10 slip road I was watching and giving a lot of room to a Range Rover Evoque with his hazards on in front of me but still travelling around 60 mph in the inside lane when I noticed smoke from the rear drivers side tyre. as we came into the tunnel just before the turn.

The tyre was a low profile one and it suddely just exploded off the rim and the driver made a reasonably good job of holding it straight after a rear end swerve and drove it off onto the slip road on the rim and stopped safely and I left him to sort out a rescue and presumably some very costly repairs

He was lucky to get out OK but I wondered why he had had his hazards on . If he suspected a problem he would have better off stopping on the M25 hard shoulder. He could easily have lost control and have killed himself or someone else.
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